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  1. Had to go to support and get them on pop up chat and then they transferred me to somebody else, who arranged it immediately. Just note once you get refund you won’t be able to update the app for fixes in the future without buying it again. This years version has been a complete disaster and I’ve been playing since the C64 days and when it was Championship Manager after that.
  2. All sorted, Apple have refunded. Next year I'll wait a few months before I buy it.
  3. Very unhappy with this purchase - TWICE my game is at a standstill for WEEKS. This is not good enough. No QA done here at all, just a game rushed out at full price and expecting the buyers to flag all the bugs. Disgraceful and not good enough. My saved game has been stalled for so long that I've completely lost touch with my team and history of the players. I clicked to request a refund via. the App Store because the game doesn't function as required and it keeps referring me here.
  4. Thanks. None of the staff members on silver could take the exam. What's the ETA for the new fix?
  5. No, because I was not told to, and I am doing QA work for free after all. Can you not access that mailbox? I included a link to this thread in the message body.
  6. Sent to help@sega.co.uk - also in that save you will see it's stuck on being unable to promote or release youths.
  7. I reported this previously before 9.1 update and have checked my currently stuck game (the youth release issue) to see if it remains and yes it does. I have staff on silver medals who have not sat an exam in a decade yet the opportunity to take the exam remains greyed out.
  8. Given the number of bugs this year and being a regular since the C64 days many years ago, this years version is the worst by far in terms of QA. Here we are, having paid for a working game which doesn't work, and having to find and report all the bugs. People who are reporting and helping clear these bugs for the benefit of everybody should be at the very least be invited to participate in a future beta and receive the game complementary.
  9. Same problem here. This years version must be the worst quality control in the history of Football Manager. They must have released the game without a single test.
  10. Ok, finally I have been able to continue my game with the latest update, however there remain some very serious bugs. Firstly, if you win a cup (this happened me both when I won the League Cup and the Champions League) after the game it immediately cuts to a blurred and blank(ish) screen (see attachment) where you remain stuck and unable to move on from. The only solution is to close and reopen the app and thankfully the game will have autosaved the win and take you straight to your news page where you can read about the fans singing your name. So end of season comes, new season generates and I am asked to decide the fate of a crop of useless youths. The problem now is that regardless of whether I promote or release them all, my confirm is not accepted and the message remains on my news page, with me unable to move on (just as what happened with the previous transfer saga). So here I am, stuck again until the next update.
  11. Any idea when the next update will be available? My game has been stuck for the past few weeks on 1-Jan-2031 due to the transfer issue described previously.
  12. So ungrateful for no mods to even bother commenting on this thread - I won't bother in future!
  13. Far more bugs this year than ever before. 1. Completely locked on transfer screen. I am being told of other clubs bidding for a player and whether I cancel or put forward a matching bid nothing happens and I can't progress the game any further. This is on 1-Jan-2039. The issue had presented itself previously but I managed to get out of it by reloading or by tampering with the players status (when it was related to my player). I have been stuck now for a week. Holiday doesn't work because you still need to progress through to "continue" before that kicks in. 2. Keeping a player with a release clause is easy. Once a bid comes in or has automatically been accepted, all you need to do is offer the player out to all clubs at a ridiculously high price and suddenly the already accepted bid ceases to exist. 3. Players spamming my inbox. When a player wants to leave he enrages the fans and tells the media on a daily basis. Once I even had it that a player doing this suddenly decided he was happy at the club and the next message was that he wasn't again. 4. No matter how many leagues and European titles I win, my players still want to move to a bigger club. The only way around this is to pay them the maximum amount permitted in order to price their wages above competitors structure to ensure there is no interest in them. 5. Making multi millions is easier than ever. Just buy all the cheapest young players from the scouting agency, put them out on loan for a year or two and then sell them on for many multiples of what you paid. The only tough bit in the game is advancing through the first couple of lower leagues when you really have to scout hard. 6. Players unhappy with a training regime can not be made happy no matter what training regime you put them on. 7. Staff with silver medals are denied the chance to ever attempt a gold medal certificate. 8. Unrealistic Board expectations and ungrateful Board. I agree a mid table expectation, win the Uefa cup and qualify for Europe again yet am told by the Board privately that only by winning the Cup have I kept my job for another season. Despite taking the club up from Conference league to Premier league. 9. Whenever I buy a backup player (e.g. a goalkeeper who is happy to sit on the bench for his whole career) the Board never let me hear the end of it of how disappointed they are with the purchase, despite the player costing almost nothing and me still having many millions in the bank and a team consisting of the highest rated players in the game.
  14. Had exact same issue, ended up getting sacked when in 5th and after agreeing with board that the season goal would be bravely battling against relegation: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/404799-Unfair-sacking?p=9954275#post9954275
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