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  1. Given the lowly figure given for a European league, I am certain that there would be much more demand for an option to play one or more the major leagues in women's football.
  2. Yes and 'op North' they even put gravy on their chips, although not fries from a certain retailer with Golden Arches.
  3. Easier to just follow the brunch model, and have lunner (lunch and dinner) and dipper (dinner and supper), or something from the fridge while waiting for the BETA.
  4. The Daggers will be horrified that PSG think any of their players are good enough, but sell everyone including the tea lady if the price is right.
  5. Personally speaking, it can wait until Monday if it wants, as due to a complete lack of foresight, I agreed to work this weekend and go to a minor family function on Saturday night. So Monday will do fine, what do the rest of you guys think?
  6. So for FM19 are you going to do all the work and save Dan the effort. If you do, I promise not offer any abuse or sarky remarks, til then it might be an idea for you to shut up. Again, thanks for all the work Dan, and I hope things get sorted soon at home.
  7. Dan, take care of yourself and personal matters. As Pompeyboyz said the database is not important. All your work so far, is more than appreciated.
  8. Look forward to the initial release and then the final level 22 release. Have a great Christmas and New Year.
  9. On the subject of shirts or as the Americans refer to them uniforms, would Football not use the same model as American Football and Ice Hockey where a team has two strips, white shirts, coloured shorts and coloured shirt, white shorts. The strips you have produced are amazing, but for ease and 'realism' perhaps the NFL/NHL model would be better.
  10. Well tomorrow is two weeks before the Main release, so unless lies have been told it will be tomorrow. However, it was billed as being 'at least two weeks before', which indicates that it will be before the two week mark, so someone needs to be more accurate with their use of English. Will have to wait just a bit longer everyone, and if the trails and the hints of more are right it will be well worth the wait.
  11. Looks wonderful but would rather be playing than watching another features clip. But not too much long, I hope.
  12. Look forward to taking charge of Broadwater Athletic again, possibly into Europe this time. Needless to say I have greatly enjoyed your previous work.
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