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  1. You might be right on the 3 windows, but I know the amounts are varied depending on finishing position, net transfers, buying 3rd DP spot (unless YDP), and also clubs can invest a limited amount into GAM,
  2. No, if i remember they have a period to spend it, circa 3 years. New teams get a hoard in the first year to build the roster etc.
  3. No but I will try and replicate it, seems to happen when I bid on a Lower League player on loan from MLS. How much GAM should Inter Miami be starting with? Surely as a expansion side they should have more than £3m? Are the other issues being looked into too bud?
  4. This is a bug, I currently have 'three' offers for the same player. First as accepted, but the usual contract option wouldnt go to the next screen and had to holiday to continue. Second bid was rejected, third I have just put in
  5. Started a new career as Inter Miami on Jan 2019, giving me plenty of time to build a roster etc, but it seems the reputation is very low, im being turned down for smaller contract offers from Montreal (no offence Impact fans). Struggling to sign DPs and there is no TAM/GAM useable, despite trading slots/draft picks for them. Surely as an incoming side the reputation should be high now, despite not entering the league for a season?
  6. Good luck! Made a plethora of signings to try and get some ability in the side, most of the better players are ageing! I have the 25th save for Lancaster; apologies I didnt mention!
  7. LONG TIME CALLER FIRST TIME POSTER Decided I wanted to start my journey with local side Lancaster City. Tough ask given the media gives us a 22nd position finish (bottom), a poor squad (even our best player Lewis Fensome is a decent NL North player, no better) and poor reputation and little draw to the club. Add to that the lack of backroom staff (and whats there is poor) It will be a long season! (Please excuse my screenshots being a day late!)
  8. Can you link me? Does this make levels down to 9 playable?
  9. I think there are examples of these kinds of deals taking place, Lancaster City (level 9) get several decent players on non-contract basis that then go to sign for level 5 and 6 clubs. Problem I think with it is the amount of players doing it, although that said, you seem to have captured that market rather than 40+ clubs all doing it- you've jumped the gun.
  10. Yeah cheers bud, I usually do the challenge but never post it, so I guess its okay for me to do this, but I dont like editing, I have moved Lancaster and Kendal to level 7, and I am reloading in 2016- not 2015 for more realism! Thanks again, think this should be added really (and made slightly more random) in future versions.
  11. One team- Gretna. Smashed it up before going bust. Doesnt take much in Scotland.
  12. Spot on, thanks! I'll move them to level seven and just reload. anyone know why level 8+ teams never get promoted? Seems one part of the game that isn't realistic really, would love to see the likes of Kettering Town being back or Harwell town being in the Premiership in 2050!? Has anyone had any success in using the 'next division' on the editor to force a promotion?
  13. So to confirm, I never will see them promoted, unless I edit the db to promote them I'm the first season?
  14. I used to like doing that as I would get a few months of friendlies in before the season started! Guess it was kinda a cheat really as not realistic!
  15. Links working now, should be able to see the two photos! Thanks again!
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