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  1. Don't trust anyone's opinion. Instead, try out the demo yourself and give yourself an indication of what the game is like. That's what I'm doing right now.
  2. Is it me or do I see alot more lobbed passes than ground passes in the midfield? I understand this was very prevalent in FM16.
  3. This wasn't even the problem. If you actually read the OP then I think you may understand.
  4. AFootballManager

    Defending in This Game is Shocking

    You can't just not think about weaknesses and flaws when they have a impact on the game and exactly how you want to play and react to certain situations. It seems like the conversation is diverting from the original point made so I'll end it here.
  5. AFootballManager

    Defending in This Game is Shocking

    This is basically what I was talking about.
  6. AFootballManager

    Defending in This Game is Shocking

    Except you have to use PIs and TIs to counteract the ME's flaws no?
  7. AFootballManager

    Defending in This Game is Shocking

    The fact that you have to adapt to the ME is calling for serious concern. Absolutely no manager should really have to do that.
  8. AFootballManager

    Defending in This Game is Shocking

    Yes attacking players are more incapable of defending but what about wide players that are actually capable of putting in a shift? Players like Albrighton shouldn't be so incapable of tracking back when he meant to do so and this is where the problem lies at. Overall, I think marking needs to be better looked at in terms of when should a player be marking? In what scenarios should a player be marking? etc. Defending overall should be a serious priority in next years edition and more options should be available for the manager to make decisive decisions in crucial moments as well as focusing on improving player intelligence.
  9. AFootballManager

    Defending in This Game is Shocking

    Unfortunately it does not work as properly as it should do as you still see opposition full backs not being marked tight enough and still get simple crosses in.
  10. Can I even be bothered playing another FM save?

  11. AFootballManager

    Volatility of star ratings

    I'd say the star rating system is bugged up atm along with the report cards. I have several players that are 3/3.5 stars and above considered world class which really frustrates me