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  1. The same way any market works I presume. The player has a value, which increases in value based on performance and fundamental factors. I don't know if the football index has any bearing on a players value in the transfer market though.
  2. Had a look at it. Seems really interesting actually considering the fact that you can invest in players hoping to get a return based on how well they perform.
  3. Like I said... It's just my first impression based on what I have SEEN in the video. Judging by FM16 defending as a whole was very inconsistent compared to real life and I'm not just talking about defenders themselves.
  4. Well since its in 3D I would expect it to represent whats happening in 3D form. Bad defending includes pressing, player positioning and intelligence (this would be considered most important) and judging by that video there seems like there is no improvement. But like I said I am reserved on making a final judgment till the beta.
  5. I barely see any improvements. Defending still looks woeful again... But i'm reserved on making a proper judgment until I see the beta.
  6. Most definitely wont be pre-ordering after this years edition. Will wait for the full game release/demo before I make a decision.
  7. Can I even be bothered playing another FM save?

  8. So are you telling I can use every swear word under the sun without it being filtered?
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