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  1. When the next data patch is released, is there going to be ME changes? I presume there probably will be? I'm not fussed about the latest transfers. If not, might start a new game now..
  2. Cool. Managed to change the background though! There any way of removing the tv logo with the Andromeda skin? Anyone elses FM screen slightly flicker as well? No other game does it.
  3. Or failing that, is there a way of getting just a plain background with the Andromeda skin, and not a transparent one?
  4. Yeah that's what I did. Forgot to put the icon info in too though! Yeah, it kinda works, apart from the lettering is a bit thicker, and there's no offside flag! I noticed too, that under the club info screen with the Andromeda skin, it has the proper trophy pics. How do I get that into the helvet skin, if possible? Lol.
  5. I've messed about with it, but can't seem to get it to work correctly. But is there a way of keeping the helveticalite dark skin, but having the same tactics screen as the Andromeda one? I'm not overly keen on the big positional borders under the player names in the helvet skin. They're too big! Cheers.
  6. Nice work on the helveticalite skin! Is there a way of disabling the blur though? I located the paper.xml file and changed it from true to false, but the blur still remains?
  7. All I was gonna do, was edit xml file line. Got to go out, I'll have a look later.
  8. Can't seem to find a download link for the default dark base skin.
  9. I need a base skin or some ****? Can't be arsed to dick about.
  10. How do I get the tactics screen looking like the first image? I don't even have a tactics/xml file, nor a panels folder. Any help?
  11. I've downloaded that media file, but can't get the tactics screen to change to shirts. I have nothing in my skins folder, other than the basic 'config.xml' file. I've played around by sticking a panels folder with the tactics.xml file in, but nothing works? Any advice?
  12. Just had an 'update' occur around 19mb, but no mention of anything??
  13. That's constructive feedback right there! Why can someone win a treble with Crystal Palace in their first season, regardless of "reloads?" No further questions your honour!
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