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  1. Thanks for the reply Michael! Do you know if this is currently something that is being looked into or is it a bug that needs raising?
  2. This is something I'm struggling with also. I've changed all the thresholds within the panels file (even used the resource archiver and just tried editing using notepad) that I possibly can and the default thresholds are somehow still retained. Anyone have any idea on this?
  3. Excellent, well thought out post CP I would like to see all of them, but feel 1, 2, 3 and 5 are the most important and should be looked at in the immediate future hopefully. I don't really play the 'big team' games and 95% of the time I go for a career game so your points would really add to my enjoyment of the game and hopefully a lot of other players enjoyment too.
  4. Has anybody seen a positive effect from players swapping positions? And do you need to tell BOTH players to swap with each other on their player instructions screen or just one of them? For example, when you tell your AML to swap with your AMR, is that enough? Or do you also need to tell your AMR to swap with your AML in order for it to work?
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