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  1. Is it just me or do players have far to low of match ratings in 2020. Even when i win by 4 or 5 goals, the only players who have 7 or above are players who scored. Its extremely annoying when im dominating a league and according to my ratings only 1 or 2 players have a rating above 7
  2. League of Ireland Pyramid_7455AB6E-3808-4A7F-9DC7-7EED127BE4BF.fmf
  3. Also, Bray just beat Harps in the first division promotion playoff, but Harps will play the playoff game against Derry which was decided before the first division playoff was even played.
  4. Just found an issue. In the Irish National league. The teams who finish 2nd in the north and south division play each other in a playoff to qualify for a place in the 1st division playoff. But the first division playoff actually happens before the national league playoff. For example, Parkvilla and Salthill qualified for the national playoff, but before that game was even played, Parkvilla played Drogheda in the 1st divisio promotion relegation playoff.
  5. On my 3rd season with this. Have to say its by far the best custom league structure ive ever played, and ive played alot of them. Fantastic work. Literally the only thing i dont like about it is that teams get prize money per win rather than where they finish in the league. Everything else is brilliant. Thanks alot for sharing
  6. Just loaded this up. Noticed there is no FAI cup. Only league cup and nothing else
  7. Are all the leagues joined up? Like is there promotion and relegation setup?
  8. Yeh multiple monitors. And im watching Netflix. But i sorted it by changed it from GPU assisted to Software
  9. I have a fairly decent PC, but for some reason with FM16, when i click continue, any Movie or TV Show im watching on another screen, the picture freezes. Not the sound, just picture. Is there any way to stop this? Thanks for any help.
  10. Its the full game. Its just not the final release.
  11. Can someone just tell me what is the cheapest site that comes with the beta. Thanks
  12. Seems when i convince a player to sign for me, telling him i intend to gain promotion, as soon as he signs he is unhappy and wants to talk. He then claims i have broken a promise about gaining promotion. This happens literally as soon as he signs. Anyone else had this issue?
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