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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a new laptop to play FM on with as many leagues as possible running. Would also like to be able to watch the matches with a decent graphics setting. Other games I play would be one’s like rim world, civilization, europa universalis and would like to get elite and tropica 5. I have around 700-800 to spend on one
  2. Got this through the post today, thanks for your help:)
  3. Oh thought ssd would make the game run quicker if not then not worried about it. So with that in mind I would be better going with your first recommendation then? Thank you for your help Smurf
  4. Sorry no reason. OK seen this now I'm not sure if its better or not then the one you posted it has come up on sale. I read someone post about ssd being better then hdd on the previous page and you have a few posts up. With regards to the one you posted for me graphics are not that important. I would mostly be playing on 2d occasionally going 3d to to try and make my tactics better, or see if it gives me a better view of what the opponents are doing. Most important things would be flexibility in terms of game size and game speed. Anyway the one I found http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.MSQEK
  5. I have a budget of £500 Amount of a leagues/clubs. Around 8 to 10 leagues Are 3d graphics important? Maybe but having a quicker machine is more important What other tasks do you do when playing FM? . Not much Is game speed essential? Yes Fast load and save times? Not really Screen size important? no but want at least 15 Does it need to be portable (light) or do you want it as a desktop replacement (heavier and not ideal for carrying around but ok for situated in your house a various locations (bedroom, sitting room etc.) - Not really it more or less live in one place
  6. So just to confirm you got this one and recommend it? I'm happy to play in 2d just as long as I can have a few leagues loaded and it run at a decent speed. Thinking of ordering it tonight, off work from Thursday for four days would be great if I could spend them playing FM
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