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  1. I miss the lack of squad registration rules i.e the need for home grown players etc. I can understand if maybe they could be optional for people who don't want to deal with them but to me it removes a level of realism in the touch version
  2. Thanks for sharing. Probably going to take some experimenting to find the right balance, but this aspect feels like a big difference to other FM versions where it seemed easier to close out a game
  3. The thing I'm still struggling with this year's game is this attacking mentality. Do people really leave it on 'attacking' when they are 1-0 up away from home and there are 85+ mins on the clock???
  4. sakrai - thats some pretty impressive development there ... i see you are using Furious' training ... has that guy made those developments just from training or are you playing him in the 1st team as well?
  5. Ah ok then ... thanks for that Maybe my high professionalism, low ambition guy will work out quite well if he's going to be a dedicated trainer and doesn't fancy going off to warm the bench at Man City for a pile of cash
  6. I've been searching for the best part of an hour now for a good thread I was reading here a few weeks back that highlighted the importance of Professionalism in terms of helping your young players develop towards their PA more quickly. (If it jogs any memories it had some nice graphs and the shocking news, for me at any rate, that maybe Determination didn't have as much importance as previously thought). Now I'm sure someone will find it in about 5 mins flat and make me feel a bit silly but, the other reason I wanted to find that thread was to discuss the importance of Ambition in that sense ... I've got a young player with very high Professionalism (18) but low Ambition (5). From your experience, is the lack of Ambition likely to hold his development back? I have read somewhere that Ambition is just really an indication of how likely they are to want to go and join a more successful / bigger club - if so, great ... but I do wonder if a low Ambition would make a difference in a players progression. The main reason for asking all this is that the player has pretty good other hidden stats so I don't really want to tutor him to try and raise Ambition, at the expense of perhaps inadvertently reducing Professionalism depending on who I have availble to tutor ... Any advice appreciated!
  7. I understand that giving your youngsters first team experience is pretty important in helping boost them towards their potential - but does it matter how much time they spend on the pitch? For example - will sticking him on at 85 mins be the same as putting him on at 60 mins? Its still adds one to their appearances count - is that what is needed or do they need to have made an impact in the game to benefit?
  8. so was just looking at the second version of the tactic that was uploaded and its still 'very fluid' philosophy? is that right?
  9. I've noticed quite a few ppl here saying things like "great player despite his attributes". Having always been a slavish follower of attribute comparisons when picking new players I'm thinking perhaps there's another side to this I'm not seeing... Can anyone offer advice on non attribute clues that can be looked at when comparing potential purchases?
  10. ah ok - thanks for clearing that up for me ..... guess it does show the importance of mental attributes in the game
  11. this certainly looks like a great tactic ... though being a 'Classic' version I must admit I'm missing the touchline shots etc when trying to close out a game and defend a lead any tips on how to achieve that with the sliders?
  12. Having just discovered this thread, just wanted to say what an interesting read it has been. Has helped me out already with my Sheff Wed 442 that I have been playing.... However, it got me thinking about the tactics in FM in more detail, and as we all know thinking can be a very dangerous thing! Basically I have got myself tied up in mental knots trying to work out what some of the sliders actually relate to. Would appreciate you guys putting me right!! 1: Passing - Considering setting my CBs to Limited Defender to given them less to worry about on the pitch, at the same time was going to play my most defensive CM as Ball Winning Midfielder. I noticed on the description of the BWM that it says basically 'wins the ball, due to lack of passing skills he will lay it off short to a more creative type' ... So on the slider, passing moves to 'short'. This sounds right - my guy has passing 8, and in League 1, I'd say that's definitely below average ability. Then, looking at my Limited Defenders, they have both been set by the TC to 'Direct' passing ... Hang on!? If they're limited, shouldn't they be laying it off short to other players as well?? Surely hitting a direct pass 50 yards to a forward is a considerable skill? I wouldn't expect my CBs to be capable of that ...... Essentially my question is can someone define what the passing slider actually represents? Is it literally the 'distance' of pass your guy will attempt or is 'difficulty of pass' somehow factored in?? 2 - Creative Freedom I think the roles provided by the TC give a bit too much creative freedom as default - certainly for my players (considering their Creativity, Flair, Decisions). But this got me thinking .... when you use the TC, no matter if you are Man Utd or Telford the role is the same role i.e. the sliders are in the same positions. So are the values for Creative Freedom for example, 'absolute' or 'relative'?? If you had Ronaldo or similar with 18 - 20s for those key attributes then yeah, by all means set him to Creative Freedom 'Much' .... But if you are in the lowest tier, your creative star at that level might have 10 - 12s for that ... So what to do with the creative freedom slider? Same as ronaldo because relative to his peers he's a star ... Or, would the most you could set it to be right in the middle (Normal) cos in the grand scheme of things he's actually only got 10-12s for those attributes??? I'll stop rambling now before I bore you all too much, but any help would be gratefully received
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