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  1. need more info

    hi I have sent the file can you please confirm you have received thank you
  2. need more info

    Just tried that it didn't work thank you for trying to help though appreciate it
  3. need more info

    ill try this thanks EDIT-This also didn't work
  4. need more info

    hi I have messaged I have no way to save belarc file through my internet any other way I can send for eg in a word document?
  5. need more info

    Yes I have done everything on faqs, I contacted the company I bought the laptop and they have also gone through all steps, they said everything is right with the laptop and see no reason why it shouldn't launch, when going into steam it tries to launch(even momentarily opening the game window behind) says running for 2 seconds then syncing for 1 second then nothing happens
  6. need more info

    Unfortunately that also has not worked
  7. need more info

    Ok, I will try this, I have previously turned off the anti virus and uninstalled and reinstalled game but will try this
  8. need more info

    Hi I have mcafee which I bought with the laptop, I have tried turning it off as per your FAQ I will post dxdiag when back from work thanks
  9. need more info

    I go into sports interactive folder There isn't a football manager 2017 folder? There isn't anything?
  10. need more info

    Tried still no joy
  11. need more info

    Yes but intermittently as in I got it 3 times but now it is installing, I uninstalled installed it multiple times trying to sort the issue
  12. need more info

    Yes will try, I just went to uninstall re install and got the following c:\program files An error occurred while installing Football Manager 2917 (missing file privileges) : (x86)\steam\steamapps\downloading\482730 thought I'd quickly mention this as you mentioned something about this earlier?
  13. need more info

    Yes launching through steam I did try originally from desktop but now through steam,I got the laptop and installed steam from the Internet
  14. need more info

    For what it's worth I tried to install fm16 to see if that would work and got the following crash dump with that one - V16.3.2.830543