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  1. Has anyone got any info on a patch, I think someone said it earlier and Im the same I can't believe they have just left the me as it is? The goalies are poor and defending is rubbish esp marking, defender dont seem to know how to do it !! A lot of players are saying the same thing, it's not a good philosphy to ignore your customers
  2. Love it how people say that despite at leaSt 10 other posts about the same thing. Grow up little boy
  3. What has happened to this me after the update? I get at least 1 sending off in important games every time! At least 1 injury after 3 subs ! Goalkeepers that do nothing and just stand there while the ball goes past them! ClI sing down has stopped for the most part! Marking jesus have defenders even heard of it ?? Seems to be a massI've step back once again, I love this game and always buy it on release but I can see why people do say they wait until Feb to buy it as at the moment got a be honest the me is pretty rubbish
  4. Hi just want to say the new patch is quality, the me is playing a dream with different goals and not many cricket scores but whatwhat's the the injuries iñ every game ? Every game I play 1 player gets injured and most of the time after I've made my 3 subs kinda spoilong the pleasure of the game a bit
  5. My take on the new update. players don't seem to register what you have won, I won the treble with Liverpool and a couple of players wanted to speak to other clubs as they wanted to win trophies ? I agree with the crosses one far too many goals from crosses keeper still palms away too many shots leads to easy goals. Defenders too slow to react. My defender just stood by the wall in his half while an attacker who was in his own half ran half the length of the pitch and got the ball Full backs still stopping wheñ running with the attacking player down the wing this has been on going for yrs now
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