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  1. I think Carlos Queiroz is very underrated! (131 CA?), it's been now several years that he is by a distance the best coach in Asia, I think that he at least should be 140 CA
  2. Yes like Saeid Ezzatollahi to Anzhi on loan etc.. Thank you!
  3. Pr0 Is there going to be the latest Russian league transfers?
  4. Did you update the recent Russian league transfers? Thanks!
  5. I think Karim Ansarifard should have a higher CA, what do you guys think?
  6. Matin Safipour missing
  7. Guys I get weird red backgrounds on the notification boxes in game and also every time a player scores what can I do?
  8. Hossain Kaebi (145651) is a not a "non-player", he is still active and plays for Sepidrood Rasht, please put back his individual stats Soheil Haghshenas missing in the database
  9. Syria NT goalkeeper Ibrahim Alma missing in the database
  10. info provided

    Any mods can help?
  11. Yup @kennedfn's worked for me too
  12. hahah what did I tell you before the season starts!
  13. Hey Reddiablo this is my new suggestions for Reza: CA should be in the low 120s I'd say. He needs a boost for his "Important match" stat, maybe 14-15 since he has showed up with very crucial goals in many important matches for club and country. Work rate and especially determination need a serious increase. His finishing I think deserves 13-14, heading 12, anticipation 12-13, movement 14 I also suggest the "Likes to break offside trap" ppm