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  1. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Ghoddos will need a big upgrade for sure
  2. [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes I have. He's played great everytime he was given a chance, and I believe overall his stats were more accurate in FM17 after the update
  3. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Isn't 10 long shot low for Saman Ghoddos? I think he should be in 12-13s minimum. Dribbling and agility (12 and 13 respectively) both seem low as well
  4. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    @Reddiablo Is it normal that a lot of the International caps/goals numbers have not been updated? I have a lot of examples of players that have been playing regularly for their national teams but have the same Caps/Goals as FM17? This is not a problem only in the dutch leagues but in all leagues
  5. I don't know, the only way to fix it is just to rename all the player faces ID, which I don't know how to do easily since it's over 800 files, I have the same problem as the other user (IDs is 6 higher in the facepack than in the database)
  6. Mine also have the same problem that are numbered with 6 less in their ID numbers Can you please upload your modified IDs facepack? I have the same problem with 6 higher in the facepack than the database!
  7. Hey so it appears to me that the facepack has been wrongly assigned? Like for example Rafael Silva of Urawa has a face of a Japanese player?
  8. So the newest update works for FM18 correct? Also where do I have to put the Japan.lnc file? Thanks so much for your work and also for the facepack!
  9. Can't wait for Asian top leagues (Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE) as every year your work is amazing
  10. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    I've been saying he was underrated when he was rated around 107, never said he deserved 127 though There has to be a middle ground no? Anyways let's see how he performs this season and judge afterwards I guess
  11. [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    I think Ansarifard's 120 CA is unfair just because his old coach disliked him doesn't mean he should get a -5 CA. I think something around 122-123 is more fair
  12. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    @Reddiablo I think Ghoochannejhad is kinda overrated at 127 no? I think he should be maximum 123-124
  13. [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    The smaller middle Eastern countries like Oman/Kuwait/Qatar/Bahrain/Jordan/Syria etc... have been a mess last couple of years. But even big leagues like Saudi Arabia and Iran look like they have no active researchers
  14. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    Sounds fair. But sorry the bold part is hard to take seriously honestly, not many people even "knew" Amir Abedzadeh in Iran, he's not even a popular player and Iran is not like China or other East Asian country that can be used for marketing. I have never heard an Iranian player being bought for "marketing purposes" in Europe, I doubt Maritimo have/will sell even 1 more shirt of him just because he is Iranian lol. People in Iran and the national team only started noticing him after his 3 clean sheets in the Portuguese cup and his decent performance vs Sporting in the cup