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  1. I know this will obviously depend on the attributes of the staff member in question, but has anyone ever found a scout to be completely off about a player? Ie a low rating, particularly for PA, where in fact the player has then gone on to become much better than what the scout/assistant report has returned. I say this as I take on a LLM (Vanarama South) game where I'm signing 16 year old regens who are available at the start of the game. An example is two comparable regens in turns of attributes, one has a max 5 star predicted rating, another 4 star. The potential 4* player has better
  2. I've had problems with the Total War games due to poor optimisation, yet even these far more graphics-intensive games run with less of an issue. Funny how games will run smoother and far inferior Windows PCs due to Mac OS and developers not having a good relationship. I hope they are able to fix it as I can't deal with my Mac going so crazy, and certainly don't want it to cause any issues. Every aspect of the game runs quickly and smoothly, just the in-game engine sends it wild.
  3. My Mac is hotting up and the fan is going crazy during matches. i7 processor, 16GB memory and five star 3D graphics rating and it's having to work a bit too hard. FM15 ran seamlessly and although other aspects of the game seem even quicker than FM15 (continues, saves and opening scouting menu particularly), I think the game needs optimising for Mac OS (unless you Windows guys are encountering the same).
  4. Started a game with FC Paris. Found my three loanees injured within the first two days of my save. First two received the same injury (weights room damage and 6-8 weeks out) and the last one a sports hernia (4 months). Bit harsh considering I'd been playing for the best part of 5 mins. I hadn't altered training intensities at this point but perhaps I'll lower them on my next save start. Not got far enough into it to make many other observations.
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