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  1. Domestic player bias seems to work best when you play with a team of player predominantly from your youth setup and rarely sign foreign players. Even a single foreign transfer for some silly reason seems to skew that stat. Same for "Player Loyalty" stat, I've had effectively the same squad for years, merely moving on a player or two and yet apparently I'm not loyal to the core group of players that have been at the club for 5+ years and make up the bulk of the team.
  2. Youth level is a combination of Junior coaching budget, youth facilities and youth recruitment. Don't only check under Finance. Check under networking, staff and facilities as well for other youth options that can be increased. Also note, if your senior training facilities are on par with the youth facilities, the option to improve the youth facilities might not show until you increase the senior facilities. I could not increase my youth training facilities until I had improved the senior training facilities.
  3. Ademilson, FM12 Mattias Schuster(Regen from Bayern), FM14. Both monsters guaranteed to score in every game. Mattias was even scarier because he was that much of a monster at 16. Honourable mentions, Carlos Vela(FM12), Victor Fischer(FM14)
  4. Instruct goalkeeper to pass shorter, and try fewer riskier passes. Worked for me. Now he tends to play free-kicks to the closest team-mate who is usually on the same side of the field as the free-kick.
  5. Christiano had won all he could at Manchester United though. His move was for a new challenge. Now I can understand when a player at his level keeps winning in one league decides he wants to try his luck at another big club but all together this happens far too often in FM. Almost every player wants to jump ship the moment a "big" club come calling even though realistically staying at the current club is a smarter move. It's like Eden Hazard moving from Chelsea to Manchester City, not something we will likely ever see in real life. Not to mention when you check out their gametime with their new club in the game, they often play very little football. If they played so little football on your fm team they'd complain all the time but somehow the AI teams keep all these players happy with little game time. Suarez to Barcelona? Yeah I'm sorry but can't compare Liverpool's one decent season to perpetually challenging Barcelona.
  6. Well this new patch seems to have changed scorelines both ways for me. I've had an 8-4 loss against Arsenal, something I never had previously and high scoring games of that ilk. On the other hand the only string of consecutive cleansheets I've managed(5+) has also come with this update. Seems either defenders work or they decide to just throw in the towel. One on ones still being missed at an unrealistic rate. Striker clean through on goal about 10 yards behind the defender who has less pace, acceleration.etc. get caught up on far too often as well.
  7. I use my director of football in this regard. Have him be the one to look for clubs for transfer listed players. He is usually as good at negotiating as the AI, that is if you hire a good director of football. I sell players for around their worth. Unless they are totally a liability.
  8. That happens to me all the time. When the goalkeeper is taking a freekick in a non-central position(eg. either right or left of the pen box), he kicks it diagonally almost always to an opposition player. Goalkeeper started doing it less when I instructed him to pass it shorter though.
  9. Leeds. 4th Season in charge. First in the Champs League.
  10. Player profile. Missing Menu beneath the top bar( Overview, Contract, Transfers.etc). Version 2.0b Edit: Comes back sometimes when I clear cache and reload skin but then poof again.
  11. That option exists under instructions. "Play out of defence"... Any to my own issue. The problem with crosses and corners isn't just the super level finishing at the end of them. Even when the person at the end of the attempt misses or the ball gets cleared, usually the knock back or pass back into the box leads to a goal. The entire passage of play that occurs after a cross or corner tends to result in goals more than a simple midfield build-up and through ball. The also skews the assists stats making it seem like a normal pass led to the assist even though the entire play like most successful offences was initiated by a wide ball into the box.
  12. He made it... Anyway, would love if this skin had an icon only sidebar version.
  13. Still some bugs concerning inbox reports. Missing links due to text errors.
  14. Everything seems to happen from out wide in this game for me. Making it practically unplayable. Even the supposed assists from passes in my game are mostly from "second balls from crosses that didn't end in an immediate goal, thus making it a pass". Player goes wide to a crossing position and then just passes it deep into the box, tussle occurs, various shots and slow reactions from the keeper later = goal. Players also always seem to prefer to go to the wide man instead of a through pass through the centre. Really frustrating regardless of the tactics. With FM14 even when there was annoying behaviour at least it looked like players were trying to adhere to the tactics. The few true one-on-one I get also seem nerfed.
  15. Name: Marco Amelia Nationality: Italian Position: Goalkeeper Wage demand: 11.5k What level he's good for: Mid-Prem/ Championship Leagues loaded: Large DB Extra information: Thinking of becoming a Head of Youth Development after retirement.
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