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  1. Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it keeps on freezing when my laptop comes out of sleep mode.
  2. I followed all the steps once again, but they don't work. I will try uninstall and reinstall the game.
  3. I've done as you suggested, but the game still freezes.
  4. Yes, it goes into sleep mode. But I've never had issues with the game running before.
  5. Since last update, when I close my laptop with FM 2018 running and then I reopen it, the games freezes and doesn't answer anymore. I tried to delete cache and preferences, and to run the game both in full-screen and windowed mode, but nothing seems to help.
  6. scorpjo

    Crash dump while loading a new career

    Yes, I'm loading several custom database files, but they didn't give me any problems before. They mainly add new playable leagues to different countries.
  7. I have crash dumps every time I try and load a new career. It started happening yesterday: I tried deleting preferences folder, checking cache integrity and switching off GPU rendering, but nothing helps. Crash dumps occur while loading databases. I've just uploaded the file to your FTP. It's named new career loading crash.dmp Thank you for any help.