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  1. Thanks, well i hope to move up the leasgues so hopefully my player will progress as the club does. Any ideas on stats to start with, such as finishing, pace etc?
  2. Hey, so I got the game today after school and want to start with my local team Barnet, they currently play in the Coca Cola League 2. I also want to add myself to the game, as a Striker. However, i dont want to be one of these players that have every stat at 20. I also want my player to develep as the years go on, Eg: First season maybe be on the bench Second start to feature.. Third have a starting place.. Does anyone have an idea at what I should set the Current and Potential ability at? Thanks, Danyal
  3. Just joined the league, should be good fun
  4. Good update mate, cant believe i wasted that much potential..
  5. Damn didnt see this, can i be on reserve mate?
  6. When i remove it in from the Squad it turns to 25/26 in the squad but many more in the Pc version would be called "National Pool" however i cant move players in or out of this. Sorry should have been more specific.
  7. So I was appointed manager of turkey and i want to add a player to my squad however i cant do this as they are not in the 26 man "squad selecter" i cant find a way to move them into this.. Is there anyway? Or am i stuck with the same 26 players? Thanks.
  8. Loving the updates so far, cant wait for mine. the next one
  9. Jus got your Pm and read the updates i missed . Signed for Brighton but didnt have enough time to make an update, been following all the way through though.. Great project though Whoppy cant wait for more
  10. Ahh, im still out of contract. Looks like my playing days have come to an end.. Tremendous work Whoppy.
  11. My new 442 tactic

    Would this work with lower teams? On my Barnet game im currently second with your previous 4-4-2 but results seem to be slipping..
  12. Regen Factory

    Same as me, but thanks Bugel. Couldnt find Adrian Mutu either as he was from Romania.
  13. Regen Factory

    When i click on the Inf it doesnt sort it into Retiring players. Just Injured, Wanted, Listed and Nothing? :S