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  1. How big of a difference would a 6GB vs. 3GB GTX 1060 card be in terms of FM 3D match performance? FM is one of the only games I play, and I'm trying to "future proof" my purchase as much as possible. I will also do some web browsing, watching of videos, and maybe some sporadic video conversions. Other specs for the laptop are either an i5-8300H or i7-8750H (not much of a difference for FM), 16GB of RAM, and an SSD for the OS and FM installation, with a larger HDD for other files (including FM add-ons). Thank you.
  2. Apologies if I am being obtuse, but I believe that you are lumping both "view-only" leagues and "non-loaded" leagues together in "non-playable" leagues, correct? So if I loan a player to a particular team, his development is completely independent of whether the team is in a league that I have loaded as "playable," a league that I have loaded as "view only," or a league that I have not loaded? Thank you for the clarification.
  3. I second yonko and would find a piece on PPMs / attributes really interesting.
  4. Understood. My thinking was a brief article with changes and thoughts behind them, but maybe that isn't in line with what you're looking to do. :-) Looking forward to reading your stuff, as always.
  5. One thing that I would find interesting and helpful would be one (or two, if necessary) article on what changes you would make to change your possession 352 to an attacking 352, even if the majority of your time and articles are spend on the possession 352. Regardless of whether you choose to do that or not, I look forward to your articles. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community.
  6. Not sure if the issue is on my end or not, but the 6 images in the "Defensive Aspects" of the 2nd post ("A Flat 442") are *really* small. When I click on the image it states that it is 300 x 145. In contrast other images in the same post are 1910 x 852 (roughly 6x the length & width). Is it possible to replace the small images with larger image sizes? Thank you for a really informative post.
  7. I've had the same issue for some time and never been able to solve it. It's quite frustrating.
  8. I have. They are similar to what I installed with FM13 and identical to those that run without a problem on my desktop version of FM14. I will uninstall those and see if it resolves the issue. If it does, I will start adding them back one by one. Thanks.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. I updated the graphics driver but that did not resolve the issue. Any other suggestions?
  10. I have been playing FM14 on my desktop for months with no issues. I just loaded it onto my laptop (which I've used for previous versions without any problem) and have discovered a strange graphics issue. Some of the information doesn't display. The first time I noticed this was when I went to change the currency to US$. The currency option shows up as empty: And the entire drop down menu is empty: It works to select different currency options, and the changes are reflected within the game. I just can't see which one I am selecting. I am using the default FM Dark skin in the posted
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