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  1. Yes, this is very needed - seperate forum for ideas foe new versions of fm09 (and others). And here comey my ideas - option to show how much money will be cost expanding/bulding new stadium and improving of training/youth facilities and youth academy (and possible new reguest to build YA) - and finaly cost/and request of improving stadium - undersoil heating/roof.
  2. reworked editor. Simply - split databese of leagues/players/teams to seperate files for each country instead of all-in-one. because this make adding on new leagues(doesnt matter if 3rd or lower or completly new) realy painfull, especialy with modified database, or if you want add more leagues from more databases.
  3. and forget - any info of money requred for expansion of stadium/training/building academy will be nice - only to know if is right time to come with this type of request - answer "not enough money" isnt not tu much explaining.
  4. one simple addition - manager for managin national teams recieve money and ability to spend earned money in some way (like buiyng/co-ownership of (low div) club , pumping money back to current club...etc. And more advanced atraining - ability to choice in new screen new position to learn for players, currently it is painfuly and time consuming to give everY player "request" to learn new position. and third - please, please send mesage to yoz when player finishes leqrning new position (acomplished level). and latest - for forum - make please seperate forum for suggestions, leve general discusion alone. This will realy help for looking/comenting new ideas.
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