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  1. Help!

    You should be able to say back to him "I feel like my pen has broke down and I've not got tools to write you a check." How can a player refuse to talk to the manager? You are under contract by the club, you must do your job and that involves talking to the manager when there is a conflict. If you just 'stop talking' to me one day then I will stop paying you. Can you fine him for unprofessional behavior? That would probably alienate him further though.
  2. Utter Tripe!!!!

    Right, but with Adler his agent accepted 100K and beefed up bonuses and Adler himself came back saying it wasn't enough. But yeah, what you're saying is true. If the agent likes you negotiations go a lot smoother. An unfriendly agent is talking with the devil. One even feels 'hatred' towards me.
  3. Utter Tripe!!!!

    And you aren't undervaluing yourself by working for less than that triple amount of your initial salary? You aren't undervaluing yourself by signing another contract at less than half of the offered amount? Of course everyone wants a better deal than offered, its part of human greed, but you will settle for the most YOU can get. Forget what others are getting. Theres a difference between what you want and what you can get and IRL players and agents alike know that even though they may want 500K/week, theres a limit and you have to settle somewhere in the middle. It a compromise. You may want to grow wings and fly from USA to England for free but when you realize that wont happen you will spend $$ on a plane ticket. Theres a fine difference between what you want and what you can achieve. And FYI, on 100K/week, Adler would have been the second highest paid member of my squad, second only to Ferdinand at 110K/week.
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Best advice ever Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Utter Tripe!!!!

    Because you still make more than you make currently. Imagine this situation- You are a salesman for a Ford Dealership. You are the most talented salesman in the dealership and you make 30K per year, near the top of the pay scale. Then comes a Rolls Royce dealership that offer you a sales job doing the same thing, for 100K per year. However, there are more talented salesmen than you in this dealership (lets call him Rooney, etc), so they will make more than you. Still, you are tripling your own salary. Who would you choose? Who cares what others are making? I care what I make and if I can improve what Im currently making. I will work for 100K, regardless if someone else makes 1 million doing the same job, because IM STILL IMPROVING MY PAY/STATUS. People defend this game like its their religion...even if there is something blatantly wrong with it. "No, no, it may happen in real life."
  6. Utter Tripe!!!!

    Im not complaining about high initial demands. Obviously everyone will want a good starting point in negotiation. What Im annoyed about is the amount of players (and agents) who will not agree to a deal that is 10x than what they are currently getting. They will try to hold out for even more. C'mon now, you're getting 5k per week and someone offers you 60k, you may want 80 really bad but if you can't get it, you will settle for 60k. You will not reject it for 'not being enough'. Show me one player who will reject moving to a team willing to pay nearly 12x his current wages? Same with Adler. Agent wanted a min release clause the same as what I was paying. Only way I could get him to drop the clause was to offer even bigger wage (100K compared to 80K he wanted), and even then Adler himself wanted more. He was on around 20K initially and signed another contract for 40K. Makes no sense if my 100K wasn't enough how Leverkusens 40 were. And one of his favored teams is Manchester United! All I'm saying is the contract negotiations need to be reworked. The way players want astronomical wages and won't settle for less makes no sense. If you're on 5k a week, Im sure 60k is a welcome increase. You may really want 80, but if its 60 take it or leave it no one will leave it. FACT. It won't be 'not enough'. It makes no sense a player should reject a club offering more money citing his reasons and not enough basic salary and sign for another club offering half the amount. And players need to have more say in contract negotiations. Its only the agents who you can negotiate with. Im sure IRL agents let players know the terms offered and consult with them if negotiations should continue or the offer is good enough. I've also found that your relationship with an agent dictates the fees that will be asked. Randomly, a lot of agents dislike me for no reason. Money should be the deciding factor, not the relationship between the agent and manager. I used FMRTE to edit Otamendi's agent to like me, and his initial demand was only 44K per week which I negotiated down to 30K. Much more realistic for a player that was getting 5k. It seems like if the agent dislikes the manager he is screwing over his player by asking for high wages and fees because apparently the player was willing to sign for much less than what the unfriendly agent wanted. Bottom line is agent relations dictate 80% of the wages and fees when signing a player, and it should be other factors like form, reputation, experience, demand, etc. And btw screw Adler, he can rot and Leverkusen and never achieve anything. I was offered Buffon by his agent and he was available for the same 17.5 million price tag. Sure he is older, but I consider him better than Adler. Wages around 170K/week and like 10 million in sign on fees but who cares....its BUFFON!!!
  7. Utter Tripe!!!!

    I would definitely accept 17K per annum because its more than I currently make. Are you telling me you would reject a pay raise because someone else may potentially make more than you? ITS STILL A PAY RAISE DAMN IT! I don't understand how people can defend this situation. The player is very interested in signing. My 100K offer isn't enough money, but the AI 40K offer is accepted. BS. And VDS was on 60K per week so its not like I'm offering less money than the current no. 1.
  8. IDEA - Scouts

    I thought thats how it was currently....?
  9. Utter Tripe!!!!

    Thats my brother.... haha but seriously. You find negotiations the best part of the game? How realistic is a player turning down 100K per week for not being enough only to sign a new contract at 40K?? Both players were very interested. Don't defend a video game when its obviously wrong. Goddamn fanboys.
  10. Utter Tripe!!!!

    The agent would not negotiate the release clause. I tried 40, 30, 25, 20 million release clause but he would just go to 17.5, the same as the amount I was paying for the player. Only when I offered 100K per week he was willing to drop the release clause, but Adler rejected the offer saying he wanted a higher basic pay only to sign a new contract with Leverkusen for a mere 40K/week. I was offering 100K and it wasn't enough damn it! Same with Otamendi. He was getting 5.5K/week and he wants 130K. Get real. Won't settle for less than 80K. I offered 60K and his agent stopped talking to me. Ok, keep playing for peanuts. This is so unrealistic. If your poor friend paid you $10 an hour to lick envelopes, and then came along this wealthy man who offered $100 to lick the same envelopes, who would you choose? How much is your spit worth to you? Would you really ask the wealthy man for $200 and refuse to work for less? LOL ok then keep licking for $10 haha.
  11. Utter Tripe!!!!

    11.1 and Im managing Manchester United but it really shouldn't have any effect on a player who is interested in signing for me. Maybe I'm not offering the 130K/week they want, but I'm still willing to pay them 3-4x what they are getting currently so I just don't see how any of this makes sense. Now I have to fork over 20+ million that I don't have for a new gk now that Adler signed a new deal, and I'll probably go through the same thing with the new agent.
  12. This new transfer system and agent negotiations is completely messed up. Seriously!! Did you guys even buy anyone when you tested the game? If an agent dislikes you(for no reason too), you will never get the player without paying 3x what the player is worth in wages. I have a 15 million bid for Otamendi accepted. He is on 5.5K/week at Porto. His agent wants 130K/week and almost £10 million in bonuses. I offered 60K/week but the lowest he would go was 80K/week. Thats ridiculous. If someone offers you 12x more money than you are getting paid to do the same job you will not accept? Fukn crazy this bs. 17.5 million bid accepted for Adler. He was on close to 20K/week at Leverkusen. His agent wanted 80K, like £5 mil in bonus, and a min release clause of 17.5 million. Thats how much I paid dummy. Im not gonna pay you all these bonuses only to have someone buy you for the same price in 6 months. His agent wouldn't budge about the release clause, not even to raise it to a higher value, so I offered 100K/week without the clause and the agent accepted. Then Adler comes back saying he wants a better basic salary, more money for keeping out goals, and more sign on fees. Oh really? Three months later he signs a 5 year deal with Leverkusen. Guess what salary? 43K/week. And he turns down 100K for not being good enough? Fook off stupid asss bullsht game!!!!!!!!!!! Really SI you have to look into this. This is utterly ridiculous! The amount of players who want over 100K and wont budge for anything else is ludacris. I find if you have good relations with the agent you can get a player for next to no money. But if your relationship with the agent is unfriendly then you will have to pay over 100K/week even for no name players. Honestly, agents should negotiate deals based on how good the terms are and not what their relationship with you is. If someone offers you to 5x better you will accept no matter how you feel towards that person. The addition of agents in the game is a very good idea but not a very good implemented one. They need to be thoroughly reworked for next years edition. This is unacceptable how sometimes players will turn down you offer for not being good enough only to accept a lesser one in a couple of weeks. Similar things have happened to me when I bid for a player, my offer is rejected. Then another clubs bids less than I have and their offer accepted. Come on now, lets be real. If it matters Im Manchester United and this is 11.1. FIX IT SI!
  13. Isn't this offsides?

    In the second pic, the Watford player is inside his own half. You cannot be offside in your own half therefore the right call was made. EDIT: Beaten to it
  14. btw, robert green got a 9 cos he had 15+ world class saves even though his stats are crap and his reflexes are only 16.
  15. just drew 1-1 with west ham. they had 6 shots on goal and bellamy scored. i had 35 shots and 20 on goal and my strikers zlatan and aguero couldn't score. ronaldo missed loads, nani missed, matias fernandez missed, i dominitated the game throughout but couln't score more than one(which was a header not a one on one). Ok, sure this could happen IRL but this occurs way to often in the game. Seriously, every other game i have 20+ shots on goal but only score one goal. Its down to my defense to keep the cleen sheet.