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  1. Yeah..I will only be installing FM19. I will be clean installing Windows 10 OS shortly so Ive bought the game but haven't installed it yet. I don't do any editing of the game at all. I'll have to take notice of exactly what files are newly created in the Sportsinteractive folder after the fresh installation because it sounds like you don't like to risk something being overwritten there. Your just to be safe method might be the best. So I'll have to see what extra files and folders are created in the Documents/Sportsinteractive folder after a game has been set up and where exactly the saved game is stored etc
  2. You say "Copy the FM19 directory from the original PC to the new PC and that You only need to copy those directories that are not created during the installation of FM". Im not really sure which directories you're referring to. Just to clarify do you mean that if I have copied the entire Sportsinteractive folder from my Documents folder onto a USB flash drive (I back up my entire Documents folder including the entire Sportsinteractive folder this way on a weekly basis) do you just copy the entire Sportsinteractive folder from the flash drive and paste it directly onto the Sportsinteractive folder (overwriting it) that the new FM2019 installation has just created in the Documents folder on your new PC? Or will that overwrite something that shouldn't be overwritten? PS I don't use edited Databases or use any other type of editors that make changes to the way the game is set up
  3. Cheers mate. That's what I thought you meant but I just wanted to check. My setup should be fairly similar except my SSD (C:) is just Windows 10. My HDD (D:) will have All my Games and most Apps, Steam and FM19 and Personal Folders (Documents etc) which I have relocated there from the C: drive
  4. You say "The game gets installed here Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Football Manager 2019" Does that mean your Steam Football Manager Installation is on drive F:? Im not sure I understand what you meant when you said .."My setup is F: Programs and files e.g. Save Game is D:"
  5. Did you lose your personal documents on Windows 10 back in October when the 1809 feature update was released and lots of users lost some of their personal data after the update or was it just a drive issue and you had to clean install Windows 10? What I do is back up my personal Documents folder, Photos etc to a USB flash drive on a weekly basis. I have two flash drives backups and rotate them every other week just in case one of them ever goes faulty. Is the Sportsinteractive folder that gets created in your Documents folder only used to store files that are relevant to your own personal game setup (saved games etc)? I just want to be sure that when you copy over the entire Sportsinteractive folder from your backup onto the freshly created Sportsinteractive folder that is created when you do a new installation of FM onto your PC that it doesn't mess up any files that the new FM installation needs to run the game? Are the FM installation files installed during Steam installation totally unaffected by what is copied across from the backed up Sportsinteractive folder?
  6. Thanks for the guidance mate. I asked the question about transferring a saved game to a new PC in case I decide to also run the game on a laptop I have as well. Its going to be a bit of a learning curve as Im going to be doing everything from scratch because I don't currently have a Steam account as yet. Also the SSD drive on my new PC with Windows 10 on it is only 128 GB so I plan to install Steam and all of my Games onto the second drive (D: Data) which is a 1 Terabyte internal HDD
  7. Ive been trying to search on the forum all week. Just the same as Mardy..it doesn't work for me either. It shows 0 results each time no matter what I type in
  8. If you ever had a saved game that you wanted to transfer from an old PC onto a brand new PC..Im guessing you'd install FM again from scratch. By doing that it would install a clean FM or Sportsinteractive folder (or whatever its called nowadays) in Documents. Do you then copy over the entire contents of the whole folder that you backed up...and paste it onto the FM folder newly created by the FM installation in Documents. By that I mean you select your backup copy of the Sportsinteractive folder on your flash drive which contains every single thing that the original FM installation created on your old PC (not just the saved game) and Copy and Paste it onto the Sportsinteractive folder in Documents that your new FM installation has just created. Is everything that is required included in that Sportsinteractive folder thats stored in your Documents Folder? Does the FM installation take care of everything else? I was also wondering what happens with the Hall Of Fame from your saved game
  9. How do you back up the game...do you mean the whole steam game folder?
  10. Thanks very much Neil for your help. You say in Question 3 that you can manually move the files yourself from a USB flash drive. So do you just reinstall FM2019 on the new PC so that it reinstalls all the games user data folders (the Sportsinteractive folder etc) to my personal folder (Documents)... then copy over the saved game file from the USB flash drive to the saved game folder? Is there anything else that needs to be copied over besides the saved game file? Do any Hall of Fame changes that occurred during your save get automatically included in the saved game? I would want to be sure that I had copied every single thing over
  11. Hi, I have a few questions about installing FM 2019. 1. My Desktop PC has a small 128Gb SSD C: drive where Windows 10 is installed. It also has a separate 1 Terabyte internal standard hard drive. Because the SSD is quite small. Is it OK to install Steam and FM2019 onto the standard hard drive (which is D: Data) ? I intend to save all my games onto the standard hard drive D: (From what Ive read the benefits of installing FM2019 onto the SSD would be minimal anyway). Would that be OK? 2. In order to save space on the SSD I have relocated my personal folders (Documents, photos, downloads etc) onto the D: drive (D:/Documents). Does FM2019 still create a SportsInteractive folder in the Documents folder to store saved games etc? If so will there be a problem because my Documents folder isnt in the default place (C;/Users/myname/Documents)? 3. I am also curious to know what happens If I have set up a career save but I change my PC in a couple of months time. How do I go about ensuring that I can continue with the save game on the new PC. What would you have to do regarding the installation on a new PC?
  12. I plan to set up my first FM2016 game this week. Do you have to set the game up in any special way in order to be able to take on International Management at a later date. Im starting out in Club management but might be interested in trying International Management later on if I can also manage my club side at the same time. From what Ive read on here that seems to be possible that you can manage club/international team simultaneously. Are there any setup preferences that you have to select to be able to do this or is it an automatic option and built into the game ?when you first set your game up?
  13. Hi WizbaII. I appreciate your feedback. I still haven't installed/set up my game yet..hopefully I'll make a start at the weekend :-) I'll try to explain why I keep mentioning realism. Im only interested in managing in the English Leagues...starting off in League 2. I intend to play a 25 year approx. career game. At some point though I may want to have a go at International Management too if Im good enough to do that. If/when I finally get into the Premier League and qualify for the Champions League or other European competitions I want to make sure those competitions are as strong/competetive as possible and the same thing for World Cups/European Championships etc if I take on International Management at some point. So for me it would be great to only load the English Leagues as playable if that was enough. The problem with this is these forums have dozens of threads on here about peoples opinions on View Only leagues. I keep mentioning setting up the maximum amount of playable leagues not because I ever want to manage in those leagues or even follow stats/watch matches in other playable leagues but because other forum members say that it is the best way to keep other leagues and nations competitive within the game world. The general point forum members are making is that with a View Only leagues setup those leagues become considerably weaker over time. I think theyre saying this because of limited Transfer market activity with View Only leagues. That's my point really when I seem to be obsessing about wanting realism in the game. I suppose it might be better to say I want the game to remain as difficult/challenging as possible as the seasons progress. I don't want to put all other countries leagues on view only instead of Playable if that is going to give me an advantage over the AI teams over time. Also can I ask ..if as you suggest you set detail to None in a Playable League..what exactly are you losing out on when comparing it to the Full Detail setting? Im curious as to how each method calculates results and how interaction between clubs is affected (transfers etc). Would setting a Playable League Detail as None instead of Full upset the difficulty/challenge balance bearing in mind all that Ive listed above
  14. Thanks Marinho for your advice. I know that when you select a Country as playable you then have control over all the divisions in the playable leagues e.g you can change the lower playable leagues divisions into view only if you wish. In my case because Im intending to start down in League Two..do I also have to ensure that there are plenty of lower quality players available and also that their is adequate interest there if I wish to sell my players. I would have thought if you are only loading the top two divisions in the countries you have suggested that there might be problems in that area.
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