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  1. Has anybody else got any feedback that they can give or any experience running a similar system to mine?
  2. Thanks for the advice mate. You say the game uses up to 5GB of RAM. My PC has 8 GB RAM..Wouldn't that be enough, providing I was only running the game and not running any other programmes at the same time? Also the i7 8700 CPU @ 3.20 -4.0 Ghz has 6 cores. I don't know how much difference 6 cores makes though?
  3. Im not sure whether my PC counts as good enough or not. I like to take my time, so running lightning fast is not a priority for me as long as the speed is OK. I have an i7 8700 CPU @ 3.20-4.0Ghz Desktop with 8gb Ram and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti graphics. It also has a 128Gb SSD drive but from what Ive read an SSD isn't really much benefit at all with Football Manager so Im thinking about installing Steam and Steam Games onto the 1 Terabyte standard hard disk where drive space isn't an issue
  4. Watching goal highlights from around the world etc doesn't interest me. What I would like to know is are the results more random when Full Detail is turned off in Active/Playable leagues, meaning that you are going to get more realistic results with Full Detail turned on? One of my reasons for asking this question is that Ive read on the forum that as the game progresses the Active/playable leagues that don't have full detail on are going to get gradually weaker over time compared to the leagues that have Full Detail turned on. It was said that the teams in European/World competitions and also International competitions where their leagues were not played out in Full Detail would weaken over time making these competitions unrealistic and lot easier to win. That probably explains more clearly what I mean when I talk about realistic results/performances between leagues with Full Detail set to on compared to other leagues that don't have Full details on and are simulated with the Quick Match engine
  5. Sorry mate..that was a mistake...lol Hi FrazT :-) Yeah its a strange one..deleting it is a waste of time anyway because it just comes back when you run Steam again
  6. Ive searched the forums but its not easy to find a definitive answer. Im aware that setting Full Detail has a large effect on game processing speed but What are the effects on getting the most realistic match results/player performances if Full Detail is off? None of the leagues are going to be set as View Only. What are the effects on realism If all leagues in the game are set to Active/Playable and Full Detail is set to on. And , alternatively, If all leagues in the game are set to Active/Playable and Full Detail level is set to None?
  7. Would you think then if playing with all leagues Active/Playable then it might be more realistic to select the Add Players to Playable teams option? If other teams have empty squads..is that a bad thing for game realism etc? Or would selecting the Add Players to Playable teams option just add players unnecessarily to the game?
  8. Hi Franz. No the Downloads folder that is created isn't temporary and doesn't get automatically deleted after installation. After ythe installation I manually deleted it, not knowing at the time where it had come from because I certainly hadn't created it. A day later when I started Steam up again, Steam recreated this downloads folder in my Windows 10 OS Documents folder. Ive done some searching around on the Steam support forums and there have been several other people who are seeing the same and have asked the same question on the forums. They too have deleted it only to see it return as soon as they start Steam again. Its causing some confusion and worries on there too. Some are saying that it is a bug and others aren't sure what it is for? The issue appears to have started during the last few weeks judging by the forum posts
  9. I purchased Football Manager 2019 so Ive had to create a Steam account and download and install the Steam Client first so that I can install the game. Has anyone else recently done similar to me...created a new Steam account and installed the Steam Client software? Ive noticed something weird happening. When the Steam Client is installed and setup it creates a Downloads folder within my Windows 10 OS Documents Folder. This Downloads folder is Empty. Is anyone else seeing the same as me? If so ..what is this Downloads folder for? Without thinking that it might be a Steam created folder..I deleted it. But as soon as I started Steam up again..Steam created the Downloads folder again
  10. I hadn't even considered what the Add Players to playable teams option might do to youth teams etc. So are you supposed to select the Add Players to playable teams option or not? I don't want to cheat in any way. This option seems a little bit confusing to me whether it is a recommended thing to do or not?
  11. So Im guessing that it is better to select the checkbox to Add Players to playable teams for realism otherwise some of the teams will not have enough players?
  12. I am unsure what to select here when setting up a career save. I am considering selecting every single league in the game as playable (all divisions) to see how fast the game runs on my PC. If it runs OK, then I will stick with that setup going forward. I am not using any Game Editors or anything like that. Bearing in mind that I am going to select every single league as playable, When setting up the career save should I tick the box next to Add Players to playable teams or leave it unchecked? I am unsure what this option will do exactly in my case? Am I correct in thinking that all teams in the Football Manager large database will have all the real life players already included in their squads or will there still be some teams that don't have enough players in some of the lower leagues in certain countries? Do I have to select the Add Players to Playable Teams option or not?
  13. Yeah..the achievements was one reason why I was considering playing my single player game on my PC in online mode. If you played in online mode. Im guessing you would definitely want Antivirus Real Time protection on. Windows Defender would be scanning real time on my PC. Does that cause any issues with Football Manager..file or database corruptions etc?
  14. Sorry for the confusion. Ive no interest whatsoever in multiplayer online games either. Ive always used it as a single player offline game too in the past but I was wondering if there were any benefits to staying in online mode while you are playing the game as a single player. I was wondering if those in game achievements that Ive read about are only relevant in online mode or if they aren't worth bothering with. I wondering if players played single player games in online mode just so the achievements could be achieved and tracked over time
  15. Doesn't anybody use online mode for single player games on their PC?
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