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  1. Bro, tell me something. In which window of the game you take this picture?
  2. Hey! You're doing pretty good here. I have a doubt about your transfers. Are you doing only young or buying players? I don't see you showing the 'IN' window of transfer, just the 'OUT'. See ya. Keep forward!
  3. Hello, Marc. I'd like to ask you two things: 1. What tactic are you using? 2. How do you manage your trainings? btw, you're doing well with a great club.
  4. Hey! I'm here following again. I'd like to ask you the tactics you are using in Ajax. Cheers
  5. Hey! Nice save, dude. I'd like to ask you the best regens profiles from your save.
  6. Great progress here, bro! I would like to ask you something. Could you show us the top players from your save? By the way, Careca is going to explode everything!
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