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  1. It's the "39th" game with the "top five teams" seeded I have a problem with. Not to mention everyone from managers to players whinging about players burning out and fixture congestion, already, if a player struggles to cope with international friendlies a mid season trip to Sydney, New York or Tokyo will probably destroy him. I can see Sir Al, Wenger, Benitez and Grant bickering about locations, opponents, pitches and culture already. No thanks.
  2. Data Updates in 8.02?

    will the Coventry and QPR takeovers be done?
  3. Started a game unemployed and ended up with Calgiari job, had them on the brink of promotion when I got the Roma job, took 7 Serie A title in a row, 4 Champions leagues, 4 Coppa Italia's, 4 World Club Championships and had over 400Million in the bank most of which was available for transfers. The most pleasing thing was that the youth System produced three players who became world class. I quit for Atletico Madrid and began another period of dominance (4 La Liga 3 Champions League 3 World Club Cups) but I got bored of the game...
  4. I once had to go up hospital to have my foot checked out after a temper tantrum caused by Football Manager. So no, you're not sad, enjoy the feeling!
  5. What Would YOU Do?

    i never sell anyone i'd like to keep unless i'm getting the best possible price AND i have a replacement lined up