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  1. Hi all, I believe this was due to the Pre-Game Editor taking a bit of time to appear on Steam last night upon release. It should be appearing for everyone now at this stage, is anyone still not seeing it appear in Steam?
  2. Hi, to clarify they should correctly get sent to the 2nd Division Pro here - the rules screen is displaying that fate incorrectly. I've logged a bug for this internally now.
  3. Hi there, thanks for raising this. This is a known issue we currently have under investigation internally.
  4. Hi there, looking at this screen I think the problem is that both matches are being rescheduled twice in one moment, leading to them both appearing twice of the fixture rescheduling inbox item. In the revised schedule below however those matches only appear once each, correctly. So the bug is that the inbox item is displaying the rescheduling of the fixtures incorrectly. If possible, could you upload a save game not far before that inbox item appears to our cloud service please - or if not possible a save game from after this inbox item has appeared is all good. Thanks
  5. Hi, this is a known issue we currently have under investigation internally.
  6. Hi, could you upload your save game to our cloud service for us to investigate please - thanks.
  7. Hi there, this is intentional due to design limitation. Because we don't have timezones replicated in games all competitions effectively share the same timezone. As such, for continental competitions like in Europe only one timezone's listed match times are used - which for FM is England's due to historically having been implemented this way.
  8. Hi there, yes please if possible could you upload this save game to our cloud service. This will most likely be a knock-on of an issue we already have under review but I would like to double check internally. Thanks
  9. This is intended to ease fixture congestion in the 2022/23 season due to the winter World Cup in 2022.
  10. Hi all, this is a known issue we have under review whereby one matchround of the Euro Cup is mistakenly putting half it's matches a month later. Thanks all for raising.
  11. No worries, any saves are useful to have regardless (in case of common threads).
  12. No worries, in honesty you caught me as I happened to be nipping in briefly on a Sunday From what I've seen so far that seems to work correctly. In theory any day before the window opens (so 9th June) is most optimal, but any saves you have after that date as well we're happy to have. There's a link in this thread below which takes you to our cloud service page - from there it's just a case of dragging/dropping the file from your folders and posting the name of the file here.
  13. Hi there, we are aware of these issues and looking into them currently. The problem we're running into is that because saving, reloading, and then continuing is an effective workaround we are unable to reproduce the original issue for our coder from an existing save. Ideally we need a save game from before the start of the second season where the issue reproduces. Could you upload your save game to our cloud service regardless (ideally if you have one from the end of the first season that too, but no worries if not) please, as more saves might help isolate a common thread. Thanks
  14. Hi there, this should not be the case in game currently - could you upload your save game to our cloud service please? Thanks
  15. Hi there, this is intended with regards to loaned U21 players needing to be registered in the Championship - we have an issue logged for this aspect of the rule not being displayed in the competition rules though, as you have pointed out this is not displayed currently.
  16. Work Permit reason strings not displaying correctly is something we are aware of and have logged internally, thanks for raising.
  17. Hi, thanks for providing the save game - I've now logged the issue with not being able to register players from this save. The issue with Brooks having the 1/1/2022 warning on the transfer offer screen didn't reproduce for us when loading your save on the current Steam build - to clarify, does this issue reproduce for you when loading this save game?
  18. Hi there, this is partly due to a known issue regarding some Euro Cup matches on the 29th October being moved to 29th November mistakenly (hence the Sunday match). However I'm not entirely sure why there's no match between the 3rd and 10th of December there - could you upload your save game to our cloud please and we'll take a look. Thanks https://community.sigames.com/topic/530803-how-to-upload-files-to-us/
  19. Apologies, I think this is a case of the text being quite unclear here. The first sentence should end with "instead of the current work permit system", as this implies that the foreign player squad limit is replacing work permits (whereas squad registration and work permits are independent concepts). The second sentence is meant to refer to British leagues without squad registration and clarify that work permits will be the only means of preventing foreign players from playing in said competitions (as opposed to an additional registration limit on top of work permits being required).
  20. Hi Frank, we haven't been able to get a reproduction of this issue so far - if possible could you upload this save game to our cloud service please? Thanks
  21. Hi there, we haven't seen any instances of this so far - if you've got the save to hand from before the match could you upload it to our cloud service please?
  22. There is a known issue under investigation regarding Carabao Cup fixture postponements - none of the First Round matches should be moved/postponed.
  23. Thanks for spotting this - the game definitely should not be sacking you in this situation due to relegation alone. This is now under review internally with a reproducing example.
  24. Cheers, I presume this is referring to the division labelled Polish First Division in game. Have logged this internally for review.
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