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  1. Hi there, this isn't reproducing for me on the latest public build - to clarify is the Editor unable to do Rules > Add Nation Rules or is the issue after that point?
  2. Hi there, to clarify it is only possible to edit one nation's rules at a time.
  3. Hi guys, if the right-click solution doesn't work could you upload your cache and preferences file to our cloud service please? (Instructions below on finding said files, but use the Editor 2021 folder instead of Football Manager 2021) https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015199257-How-to-remove-my-Preferences-and-or-Caches-Folder#text The original fix should in theory have resolved the issue (or at least made the right-click workaround resolve the issue) so this might point to it being a separate root cause.
  4. Afraid not, the issue under the hood turned out to be more complicated than anticipated and couldn't be fixed in time for the Update.
  5. Thanks for spotting this, I've logged a bug internally on the back of this.
  6. Hi there, I've attempted to reproduce this internally but have been unable to do so (training appears to still be do-able in the fixture gap). Could you upload your save game to our cloud service for us to investigate please. Thanks
  7. Hi all, thanks for providing the information regarding competing in European group stages messing with Icelandic holiday dates. There is potentially a wider problem with the generic holiday calculation system causing this - I've now logged this for further review internally.
  8. You should be able to register the U21 players to progress, but you are correct that you shouldn't have to - I can log this one internally. Thanks for raising.
  9. Hi, this one is known and under review internally - thanks for raising.
  10. Actually this is something I happened to ponder recently but couldn't find anything in official uefa documentation stating that this is the case. I'm pretty sure you're right and they skew towards Ukrainian/Russian/Kazakh/etc. clubs getting the earlier kickoff but have been unable to find a source on it.
  11. Hi, this is a known issue under review currently - thanks for raising.
  12. Hi, to clarify is this with a specific custom database file loaded or for all competition tests even with a default database? If the former, could you upload your edit file to our cloud service and we can investigate. If the latter, which divisions do you have active whilst testing competitions (or does it reproduce for any divisions being activated in said test)? Thanks
  13. This is not intended, checking online it seems that reserve teams should not enter - thanks for spotting as I've now logged a bug on this.
  14. Cheers for the info here, I've logged this for review internally.
  15. Hi, this is due to an issue with the game code seemingly forcing the registration end date to change under the hood and be a day early (in this season it should be on the 3rd) - I'm afraid we haven't been able to find out the root cause behind that but it is currently under review.
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