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  1. Hi there, I can't find what is specifically causing the shirt number issue in this game within the edit file. I've passed this on to our coding team to investigate, thanks for providing the edit file.
  2. Hi guys, could you upload your save games to our cloud service as well please so that we may investigate. Thanks
  3. Hi calvo, I've looked through our cloud folders for the file but haven't been able to find it. did you encounter any issues uploading the file?
  4. Having submitted this to the coders we haven't been able to find why the file is (seemingly) corrupted immediately. I've logged this for further review internally to investigate, for the time being I'm afraid we're not sure what's caused this.
  5. Hi there, I would recommend going to C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive and deleting the Editor 2019 folder, then restarting the Editor. If that doesn't work then delete both Editor 2019 and Football Manager 2019 and see if this resolves the issue (note that this will delete any set preferences).
  6. Hi there, this is a known issue with the Champions League final in 2023. The Nations League/international window dates are too early in this year and overlap. This only reproduces in 2023 for the CL final, and future/earlier seasons should not have this problem occur.
  7. In this save game the coefficient rankings will have changed for the second season and given Portugal an additional CL spot. That rules screen is correct for the 19/20 season, however during the prior 18/19 season in game that same rules screen will display the european qualification spots different given the different allocation for that season.
  8. Ah I see, yes that is a bug as there is a field there which isn't visible in the Editor. The larger values are meant to represent turnover (there is effectively a hidden tickbox which our researchers have access to). This is something we noticed not too long ago coincidentally and is currently logged under review as a field to be added.
  9. Hi there, this would indicate that the edit file in question is not verified and so can't be used. Could you upload it to our cloud service (or to this thread) and we'll take a look. Thanks
  10. This is due to Research and available information. Our researchers aren't all able to supply FFP information for the starting data, so not all nations in game will have clubs with prior FFP data on a nation-by-nation basis.
  11. Hi tomazr, could you upload your save game and edit file to our cloud service please (details below) and we'll investigate this. Thanks
  12. It sounds more likely the file has become corrupted than anything else. If you have it still to hand could you upload it to this thread (or our cloud service) and I'll take a look and confirm this? Thanks
  13. Hi there, this is a known issue that will reproduce every time creating rules with the 19.1 database. The only workaround will be to use the 19.3 database when creating advanced rules I'm afraid.
  14. With regards to the first issue not all competitions will have prize money for final positions (though team will still naturally accrue more sponsorship and TV money than lower divisions here). For the second point Portugal has only 2 Champions League qualification spots in the 2018/19 season in real life, so finishing third will correctly place a team into the Europa League instead.
  15. Hi, I'm afraid not currently. This is still under investigation internally, though it is very unlikely now that there will be an update to rectify this issue.
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