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  1. Basically the In-Game Editor won't be able to resolve any stadium move issues I'm afraid. We will need the edit file to reproduce the issue for logging internally as attempting to reproduce this issue internally has not worked for us so far.
  2. Hi there, basically the Editor can become a bit unstable if the Resource Archiver (or any other program in theory) is used to manually change pre-existing files (even if they were only rules files) so this might be the cause of these other fields not appearing for Nations. I'm afraid the only way to be sure it isn't is that you might need to uninstall/re-install FM/The Editor/The Resource Archiver and check if the issue reproduces in the Editor from here.
  3. Hi there, are you attempting to edit the Scotland rules via the Pre-Game Editor? If so could you post a screenshot of where you're attempting to edit. Thanks
  4. Hi all, thanks for raising this issue. I'm working on the presumption that this is all the same issue and perhaps there is a common thread here. If possible could you all answer/clarify the following questions? Thanks 1. Are you using Windows 10? 2. Are both FM20 and the FM20 Editor installed in their default locations on your machine? 3. When did you first install the FM20 Editor and also when did the issue first occur for you? (Specifically RatedRBeast did you have it installed at any point prior to installing it recently as mentioned?)
  5. Ah I see, in which case I'm afraid I don't actually know how exactly this should be set up within the advanced rules. The best suggestion I can give is to model it slightly off the existing default Peruvian First Division rules (which have a similarish playoffs setup) and, instead of going by my advice above, fiddling with the Extra Info section under Qualification Rules and in particular the "Team becomes champions instead of qualifying for champions playoff if they win other stage" option. I'm afraid this goes beyond the extent of my knowledge of advanced rules as I've never used this option myself and don't know whether it means the whole playoffs would have to be one stage (split into separate rounds) and have the stage name Champions Playoff to work or not.
  6. Thanks for the files, I've logged a bug internally to look into this based on them. I can't figure out what is set in them that is causing the issue in game so hopefully the relevant dev will be able to figure it out.
  7. Ah, regarding the club vision I think I might know the problem. You also have to change the club vision of the person who is set to responsible for it, which in Bilbao's case is Aitor Elizegi > Person Data > Club Vision.
  8. Looking through the file I think I see the problem - Dybala and Di Maria (along with many other players) have had their Nation removed via editing (as seen on the Player > Details panel). As they don't have a Nation set they won't be extracted to game (this is a a requirement for an edited person to appear in game).
  9. Ah I see, that might be a technical limitation but I'm not entirely sure myself - I'll log a bug internally to see if it's possible this can be changed. Thanks
  10. Hi again, I've tested with this file in FM19 and am able to use it in a new save game. To clarify, is it saved in the Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games folder, and does it appear when selecting New Career Game > Database at all?
  11. Hi there, could you upload your edit file either to this thread or our cloud service and we'll take a look. Thanks
  12. Hi there, I've had some time to look into this and the problem is that the setup of the Primera División Amateur in the rules doesn't for the same team winning stages 0 and 1. This is why the file sometimes verifies, as over a 5 year long test sometimes the same team will not win both stages at any point. Stage 3 will look for two teams that qualify from stage 0 and 1 and find only one, so in order to resolve this either another backup team will need to be set under "Teams" for stage 3 or a fate exception will need to be set in stage 1 for teams who have already qualified for stage 3 in some manner.
  13. Hi there, I haven't been able to reproduce this internally - could you upload your edit file to this thread (or our cloud service) and I'll take a look. Thanks
  14. Hi there, as long as the editor file is in the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data folder it should appear as selectable on the dropdown panel in the top right corner that appears after selecting New Career Game from the main menu. If it doesn't in this situation though, please upload your edit file either to this thread or our cloud and I can investigate why this may be happening. Thanks
  15. Hi, could you upload your edit file and the save game to our cloud service and we'll take a look. Thanks
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