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  1. Hi there, if you happen to have a save from during the season (especially towards the end) could you upload it to our cloud service? If not, could you upload a save from anytime after to our cloud service instead if possible? Thanks
  2. I can't think of why this would be, given Liege aren't affiliated to any higher division clubs. Could you upload your save game to our cloud service please and we'll take a look? Thanks
  3. With regards to point 1 this is a new Fifa loan rule applying to all nations which is proposed to be implemented from the 2022/23 season onwards worldwide. Points 2 and 3 we are aware of and are being investigated internally. Thanks
  4. This sounds similar to a bug that occurred in the earliest Beta version of FM where leagues with playoffs were having issues with promises/expectations, so it could potentially be that if your save game was started during the pre-release Beta. Either way, would you be alright to upload a save game from before a promise is broken (or failing that, after) to our cloud service if possible please? Thanks
  5. Hi, this issue hasn't been seen before. Could you upload your save game to our cloud service please and we'll have a look. Thanks
  6. Hi there, I think the problem is that Saliba and Armini are Homegrown in their own Nations rather than England. Although the Home-Grown Status view shows them as being "Trained at club" this refers to their original club/nation (as seen on the Player > Overview > Information > Eligibility screen) rather than England. Hence they do not count as Homegrown for European competition.
  7. Yep, this pretty much. The inclusion of a 3rd team in the points tie changes which results affect the calculation.
  8. It might be related to the players being scouted, players have to meet a certain ability or reputation threshold in order to be allowed Designated contracts by the board.
  9. This is correct, part of the issue we've had (and this is something under review internally) is that as far as we understand it is three transfer windows after being acquired - meaning that trading it around just resets the timer seemingly. Combining that with the boosted GAM to cover for the lack of Discretionary TAM in game and the inflated hoarding of GAM occurs later on in a save game. We do currently have the issue under review to get GAM spending on players more widely used, though so far code changes to resolve that have had limited success.
  10. Thanks for raising this issue, I've reproduced it internally and logged it for review with our coders.
  11. Thanks for raising this, this is now logged internally for review.
  12. Hi there, we did manage to reproduce this internally and this issue is now with the relevant coder under review.
  13. This might possibly be to do with senior team relegations affecting the U23 side. If I recall correctly (though I can't off the top of my head) being relegated in/out of the top two senior tiers can affect whether being in the U23 Prem Div 1/2 or in U23 Div 3/Below. That said, with the Everton example it seems odd that Everton would get the reprieve and not Southampton, who finished higher. Could you upload your save game to our cloud service and we'll take a look. Thanks
  14. Not at this time I'm afraid, it depends on whether a coder can resolve a fix in time.
  15. Hi there, could you upload your save game to our cloud service please and we'll take a look. Thanks
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