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  1. With regards to the first issue not all competitions will have prize money for final positions (though team will still naturally accrue more sponsorship and TV money than lower divisions here). For the second point Portugal has only 2 Champions League qualification spots in the 2018/19 season in real life, so finishing third will correctly place a team into the Europa League instead.
  2. Hi, I'm afraid not currently. This is still under investigation internally, though it is very unlikely now that there will be an update to rectify this issue.
  3. I'm afraid not, due to being a competition rules issue which can;t be retroactively applied.
  4. Thanks for the save game, it seems that the UI is messing up and only allowing big increments of GAM at a time to be used to buy down contracts (which is why only the highest paid senior contract players on the team can be bought down). I've logged this for our coders to investigate.
  5. This is another known issue to do with some of the international competitions in 2020 (and every 4 years subsequently) which is under review internally.
  6. The bug affects the European Super Cup in certain years when an English team is taking part, beyond that there aren't any known clashes with European club competitions and international matches. I'm afraid we can only do hotfixes for major issues.
  7. He would still need to fulfil one of the criteria for one of the slots indeed. So you could sell/release an existing non-EU player to make Pedrinho eligible, but for your new player you wouldn't be able to register him.
  8. Hi there, the clash of the European Super Cup and international duty an issue that should be resolved in save games created after the 19.3 update. I'm afraid that rulegroups fixes can't be backdated to save games that are already created.
  9. Hi, if you have a save game from soon before signing him could you upload it to our cloud service please? If that's not possible then any saves after signing Bale will be just fine. Thanks
  10. Hi there, could you upload your save game to our cloud service for us to investigate please? The divide of teams should be pretty much entirely on a north/south basis in this instance, so not sure what's gone wrong here. Thanks
  11. Hi there, this definitely is a bug. Could you upload your save game to our cloud service please and we'll take a look. Also if you happen to have any save games from before the fixtures took place or were scheduled, could you upload them too? Thanks
  12. Hi there, could you save your edit file just before selecting "convert to advanced rules" and upload it here or to our cloud service please? Thanks
  13. I haven't been able to reproduce the error message you received in this file (the file verifies for me). Have you got the latest version of FM19 and the Editor both downloaded on Steam?
  14. Hi there, could you upload your edit file to either this thread or our cloud service (details below) please. We'll investigate and find what the issue is. Thanks
  15. The non-EU player rule in Italy is quite finicky as it's very specific. A newly signed non-EU player can become eligible to be registered should an existing non-EU player be transferred out once per season - the problem here is that this has already applied to Bremer at the beginning of the season (Torino start the game with a free 2nd non-EU player transfer slot due to an existing non-EU player leaving at the end of the previous season in the data), so this non-EU trasnfer slot for the season has already been used up. The other non-EU transfer slot mentioned is reliant on having the necessary international/youth international caps, something which Pedrinho does not fulfil. Firmino does fulfil this, so would be eligible to play were he transferred in. That said, in going through this from scratch it's apparent that there was no clear warning during the signing of Pedrinho that he would be ineligible to play upon transferring. On the transfer offer screen for Pedrinho in the first place there is no indication that he will be ineligible to play, which is something that should be rectified. I've logged a bug from this to have a clearer indication on that screen that Pedrinho would be ineligible. Thanks for providing the save game.
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