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  1. [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Thanks, I've logged the issue internally as a bug now. It seems to apply to unattached newgens of all nations, though because of the Homeborn rule it is more noticeable in effect in Mexico.
  2. [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I'm certain that these players should be considered HB looking through the save. That said I think the HomeBorn functionality is working correctly and that the real issue is that these newgens have spawned without a Trained In Nation status in Mexico. Newgens who spawn without a club should still have Trained In Nation status automatically (so you would be working around the bug by using the IGE in this instance). Do you have a save from just before you signed one of these players by any chance? I would like to double check that they don't have the Trained In Nation status before they sign/ Thanks
  3. [Africa] (Official) Specific Issues

    Hi there, are these international matches African Cup Of Nation Qualifiers that take place in November? There was a bug logged for these fixture dates a few months ago that was fixed for patch 18.3, so if your save game was started before this patch then it is likely the same issue.
  4. [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Hmm, in which case there might be an issue as the game is seemingly starting the count of them 'training in Mexico' to be from when they are 16 years old. However this doesn't really seem in keeping with the point of the Home Born rule, and I feel pretty sure that in real life they would count those players as having already being trained in Mexico for 3 years at 16 years old. Could you upload the save game to our FTP and post the name here please? I'd like to log this as a bug and potentially set newly generated youth free agents in Mexico to have condition (A) already set. Also I can double check for you if the In-Game Editor will resolve the issue before you purchase it. Thanks
  5. [Mexico] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Yes, but given that they were generated in Mexico and haven't played outside the country in your game they should meet criterion A. To clarify, have they played in professional domestic competitions in a previous season in your save? This is usually the sticking point with the Home Born status as said players don't display as Home Born until the season after they have first played in any of these matches.
  6. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Hi, regarding the first point this is indeed technically incorrect. I've logged this to be investigated. For the second point is this the case in real life? Currently it is intended to be 100% of points carried over in game.
  7. In order to be sure that Carrasco and Gaitan are at the correct club you would need to start a new game with the 18.3.0 database active, and any editor files you use would also need to be created on the 18.3.0 database to be sure of the right data. In order to check what database any Editor files you use were made with you would need to load them up in the Pre-Game Editor, select File > Details, and check that Original Database Version is 1830.
  8. Hi robbo, we've not been able to reproduce this using original FM18 DB edit files of our own with custom 20187 start dates. I suspect the bug might be a knock on of a specific change in your file which will require your save game in order to reproduce.
  9. Player Morale cannot be edited

    Thanks tiago, this isn't currently part of the functionality of the In-Game Editor but I see no reason why this shouldn't be the case. I've logged a request for this to be included in future FMs.
  10. Players leaving when season not complete

    Thanks brookie, the final playoff game shouldn't be taking place this late it seems. Instead it should be taking place the preceding Wednesday. I've reproduced the same situation internally and have passed the issue onto our coders to further investigate.
  11. Hi there, this is not reproducing for us when trying this internally. I seem to be directed to the General tab instead of the Positions tab. Are you using a custom skin? If not could you find and upload this folder to our FTP with a different name please? "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018"
  12. Thanks b13v3r, the file you singled out in particular does take noticeably longer to create a game with than the other files. I've logged this with the coders to investigate.
  13. Cheers, I've logged this internally now.
  14. To clarify, is the problem that with the file attached if I start with the 2018 start date then the 2017/18 season never generates in game? I've attempted reproducing with the 2018 start date but the 2018/19 season and fixtures did generate and play correctly.
  15. New Games

    Hi there, how many editor files are you using in this case? Could you upload the edit files you are using to our FTP please and post the names of them here so that I may investigate this. Thanks