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    The Hideaway is the best place to start if you seek help with making continental competitions, there's a few regulars on there who are good with that sort of thing and might be able to help out. With regards to reference files I would suggest creating any files in Basic rules as far as possible before converting to advanced (I find that always helps surprisingly well). The other tip I have is to find other continental files made by users (on the Hideaway or on Steam) and copy/edit the structure made there into what you want. That said, while I'm not certain about it I don't think there's anything incorrect about the file you uploaded. It seems like a bug rather than a design problem.
  2. need more info

    Hi Mark, don't worry I'll move this to the technical issues area. Though it's not quite my area of knowledge, I guess if possible I would recommended connecting to Steam to launch the game. It does seem odd that Steam is suddenly requiring a connection to launch without the laptop being online at all though.
  3. under review

    Hi there, thanks for bringing this to us and for the pictures to help describe the issue as well. I've looked through your file and can't see anything wrong so far, which is odd given that I've been able to make other continental competition squad dates work correctly. I've logged the issue internally as a bug for our coders to have a look at, but for the mean time if they find a workaround as a result I will let you know.
  4. Is there any problem loading the editor files in the editor itself, or is the issue specific to the main game? Also are the editor and the game both installed in their default locations? Thanks
  5. Thanks tsonchev, we're aware of this issue and investigating it currently. At a glance it seems as though the crash might be a result of Bulgaria being 3rd in the Europe club coefficient table, and thus getting more continental competition spots (though I can't say for certain that is the actual reason).
  6. si need more info

    Hmm this is rather odd. We haven't seen anything like this happen generically for people so I suspect the issue is specific to your computer. Is there anything unique about your computer that is unusual in terms of how it is setup? Also which operating system are you using? Thanks
  7. Hi Keith, I've just had a look at the file. I see you're using a Scotland lower league edit file (possibly the same one mentioned earlier in this thread), could you upload this editor file too please? It's quite possible the issue might be related to this file rather than the default rules. Thanks
  8. Ah I see, so on one computer the file crashes the editor whereas on your friend's computer it doesn't crash (it only fails to verify). Interesting. To me this suggests the bug is that the editor can't cope with that many matches having schedule problems, and that maybe a higher spec PC (in theory) might not have a crash from this. I'm not sure there is anything you can do with your machine that will stop the crash from occurring with this file. It is very much a bug with the editor and not suggesting anything wrong with your game setup it seems.
  9. Hi there. Sorry for the wait, I've been trying to figure out a workaround for this but have been unsuccessful. As far as I can tell the crash seems to be related to many 3rd tier youth matches having scheduling problems when the 2017/18 season is setup. I can't figure out why this is the case and yet the 2016/17 season is tested correctly without any of these issues. I've logged this internally as a bug to be reviewed by coders for future versions. With regards to a workaround I'm afraid there's nothing simple I can suggest, but I guess the only thing I could suggest would be to give each youth team it's own unique stadium to increase the chances of the scheduling working. However this would be quite arduous I understand and I should stress that I'm not absolutely certain that would avoid the crash (it might be something else entirely I can't see). I hope this information helps.
  10. Hi there, with regards to the Editor crashing suddenly after the latest updates the only example we've had of something like this is in this thread: Here the issue was a separate server program which was interfering with the Editor it seems. Are there any other programs you are running simultaneously with the Editor that might be like this? Also could I check that the Editor and Football Manager are installed on the default locations on your computer? Thanks
  11. Hi there, this is an issue we are aware of an looking at for future versions of FM. For the time being there is a workaround to use the Potential Ability field instead, where PA -10 = PAR 170-200, PA -95 = PAR 160-190, PA -9 = PAR 150-180, PA -85 = PAR 140-170, etc. I'm afraid it's a bit clunky but it does function much the same way.
  12. si need more info

    Hi there, I'm afraid I can't find this file on the Steam workshop. Could you upload the file to our FTP please? Thanks
  13. si need more info

    Hi Biquet, just to clarify is this a separate issue to the one in this thread? Could you upload your file to our FTP for us to have a look at please? Thanks
  14. Hi there, for uploading files we have an FTP server to upload to (details/instructions below). Also to clarify, do you mean that the editor files are not loading in the Editor itself or in the FM main game? Thanks
  15. Actually don't worry about uploading the file now AQ, I've got this reproduced internally. I'll log it internally for further review now. Thanks again