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  1. Hi there, I think I've found the issue here. This is a result of the game attempting to autobalance the number of teams at level 12 in the period between the two divisions. Basically when starting a brand new season in a save (after the initial one) the game will, by default, attempt to make sure all the divisions at a certain step in the pyramid have the same number of teams (or within one of each other) unless specified otherwise. This can be rectified by changing the advanced rules for each of the level 12 divisions by selecting: - Medway Messenger Senior Division > Competition > Valid Years > [Add Entry] > [Set "Minimum Number Of Teams" and "Maximum Number Of Teams" both to 11] - Havill Services Sheppey Division One > Competition > Valid Years > [Add Entry] > [Set "Minimum Number Of Teams" and "Maximum Number Of Teams" both to 8]
  2. Hi there, could you post an image of the notification you receive when starting the Editor? Are both the game and the editor installed on the default install locations on your computer? Often issues with the Editor not starting are related to not being able to find the database (which is part of the main game files).
  3. Hi, we're aware of these issues and looking to resolve them for future editions of FM. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the detailed comments, I've logged the information regarding the youth playing time rules as requests for future editions of FM. With the yellow cards issue, which document is the one in question that contains this rule?
  5. Hi Reguire, I'm afraid not for the time being. We're looking to resolve this for future editions of FM.
  6. I agree, looking at the rules files there's something similar in place in Belarus and Turkey which also doesn't inform the user of the rankings until the season is over. I've put in a feature request to have a separate table selectable somewhere showing the progress of any separate ranking table used to determine financial rewards in this sort of scenario.
  7. Ah no worries, I didn't actually know myself competition types had to be set for it to work.
  8. Indeed, it seems like an oversight from when it was first implemented a while back.
  9. Afraid no news on this issue. We're looking to resolve it for future versions of FM.
  10. I've logged the 2019 transfer window not being disabled in a new game (with the option ticked) as a bug for our coders to investigate, thanks for raising this. With regards to the DB as I understand it region-specific updates are unlikely in general.
  11. I think I've found the issue - Rhondda and King's Norton both have affiliations with Premier League teams that have an affiliation with "Cannot Play In Same Division" set. This is used for reserve clubs that can't be promoted to the same division as their parent team and not the same as a standard affiliation (which would automatically terminate the link and allow promotion in the same situation). Changing these affiliations to not have this option set should in theory resolve the issue.
  12. Hi, I'm afraid these issues are not planned to be resolved for FM19 currently and we are hoping to have them fixed for future editions of the game instead.
  13. This is something we are now looking to fix for future versions of FM. I'm afraid that part of the bug is that the only situation where a B Team will be promoted to the Second Division is the one outlined above (where the senior team also gets promoted from the First Division at the same time).
  14. Hi there. Do you have a save game from before the CL final per chance? As far as I'm aware that length of time should be long enough for a break. The super cup taking place during international dates is a known issue that should be resolved in newly created save games now. As well as this the first two CL group fixtures is another known issue that is fixed on newer save games. The fixtures are intended to be very cramped in this period for teams in continental competitions as there isn't much space to manoeuvre fixtures around the World Cup. Some Carabao Cup games are moved to the weekends for continental teams due to the already packed schedule also. The Club World Cup will not take place in 2022 in game due to the heavy schedule as well.
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