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  1. This is a known issue to do with players without work permits being considered incorrectly for new work permits. Thanks for raising
  2. This is intended, as this was actually similar to Tottenham's fixture list in this period in real life. Given the tight schedules this season in particular there are cases of 5 matches in 3 days which are unavoidable.
  3. I believe they will not be in place for pre-21.1.3 created save games.
  4. This is a real life salary cap that was introduced this season, though players earning above £1700 p/w who have not signed new contracts since the rules came into being will only have £1700 count against the cap.
  5. Hi, this is probably not a comps issue but to clarify to do you mean the Competition > Overview > Season Preview screen?
  6. Hi all, thanks for the information on this. To clarify, this is known an under review currently.
  7. Hi all, to clarify there are several different issues at play here. The issues regarding the IGE not being usable offline, purchases in Steam not being validated in game correctly, and sometimes being ticked as unusable in preferences by default are known and under review.
  8. Hi, not sure why this has happened but it looks like a UI issue with the In-Game Editor not selecting a category in the panel. To clarify, if you select the General text in either popup panel does the General information populate the panel?
  9. Thanks for spotting this, I've logged this internally for review now.
  10. Hi there, this is a known issue under review internally. Thanks for raising
  11. Hi there, this is a known issue under review internally. Thanks for raising
  12. Hi, this is indeed a known issue under review internally. Thanks
  13. Hi there, this is a known issue we have under review currently. Thanks for raising this
  14. Hi all, there is indeed a workaround to this (as mentioned above) where pressing enter or selecting the search icon will complete the search. Popping in to say that this is a known issue we have under review internally, thanks for raising.
  15. Apologies, missed Mexico when creating the original threads so have created this new one.
  16. Please post any specific issues for Mexico competitions here. This is for any issue which does not relate to data and is for areas such as: - Competition Rules (Leagues and Cups) - Disciplinary Rules - Transfer Rules We would request you all to adhere to the following three point plan when posting in here: - State what you think is specifically wrong in your league. - State how you think it should be working. - State reasons/proof for your corrections/improvements. Please note that specific data issues for Mexico should be posted in the Database and Research Issues
  17. Ah okay, I'm not sure why that might be the case - I would recommend logging a support ticket as it is likely a unique technical issue I'm afraid:
  18. Hiya, I don't know for certain if the minimum age functionality has changed at all - but either way this is a bug so I've logged this internally now. Thanks
  19. Hi, this is a known issue we currently have under review internally - thanks for raising.
  20. Hi there, which operating system are you using? And also are you using Steam or Epic store? Thanks
  21. Hi all, if you have any examples to hand could you upload to this thread (or our cloud service) please. Thanks
  22. Hi all, this is an issue we are currently aware of and have under review. Thanks for raising it.
  23. Hi all, this is a known issue currently under review. Thanks for raising
  24. Hi all, this issue is known and under review internally - thanks for raising.
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