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  1. Hiya, this is all correctly uploaded and I have been able to test the files now - thanks. Strangely, I can't get the issue to reproduce even from these files on the latest public build, which makes me think it might be an issue with the local files for the game. Would you be alright to upload the C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021 folder as a zipped file to the cloud service too please?
  2. Hi there, could you upload our save game and edit file to our cloud service please - so far we have been unable to reproduce this internally. Thanks
  3. Hi, thanks for the file. We have this logged internally now, though am not sure what the exact cause within the file is.
  4. Hi, we've got a similar issue under review currently where the same thing happened but I'm afraid have had no luck so far reproducing/figuring out what the cause was. However, I will send your file over to investigate as hopefully it may provide more clues as to what has caused this bug. Thanks
  5. Hi there, we are still hoping to have this fixed for FM21 however I'm afraid I can't guarantee it will make the cut.
  6. Hi there, as well as the steps above if they do not work also see if deleting the C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021 folder as well solves the issue.
  7. Thanks for raising this, it seems the game is confused by the cup final and doesn't send players on holiday after then instead of before. I have logged this internally for further review now.
  8. I don't think we've seen this specific issue before, and it doesn't appear to reproduce for us in generic save games. If you've still got it to hand and reproducing, could you upload your save to our cloud service please? Thanks
  9. Hi there - to clarify, this is a known issue currently under review (in theory those two numbers should always be the same), as well as the separate issue noted previously where club's salary cap spend is being bumped up after registration, leading to situations where the user cannot register a squad. Regarding the salary cap impact of the $151k p/a player, any transfers costs divided by the length of the contract in years are added to the salary cap impact of said player. Would the transfer fee/agent fee/etc account for this additional $593k p/a impact? Regarding the SCI showing
  10. Thanks for raising this, this is a known issue under review - the Championship specifically has this occur every few years in game when Boxing Day is on a Friday.
  11. Thanks for raising this, this is a known issue under review currently.
  12. The one in the most recent minor update will be, though it will require getting to the end of the existing season before taking effect for the next one.
  13. Ta, afraid the problem is with the edit file - there are 6 teams being promoted from tier 7 with only 3 relegation spots from tier 6. Which means the problem is within the Pre-Game Editor for verifying this edit file in the first place. Would you be alright to upload the edit file too please?
  14. Hi all, this is a known issue currently under review. Thanks for raising
  15. Hiya, we have a few crashes under review currently - this sounds similar to one already logged (particularly the new error after the crash), could you upload your edit file to this thread too and I can check. Thanks
  16. To clarify, is this after selecting IGE > Start Editing on the Player > Overview > Profile or Attributes screens? If so, what resolution is the game in for you? Thanks
  17. Hi all, would you all be alright to upload your save games to our cloud service? I can't seem to reproduce this from my end (with either the PGE or IGE) and so wonder if it's tied to the save game at all. Thanks
  18. Not from the cloud itself, but (if the file's not too big) it uploading it back here should work hopefully. Josh Ward-Donnellan - Sunderland (v02).fm
  19. Thanks for spotting this, there is an issue with the Polish First Division playoff winners not being entered into the cup in future seasons. I have now logged this for further review.
  20. Thanks for raising this, I've logged this internally for review now.
  21. Hi, this is logged and will be considered internally as a potential Feature Request for future versions - however design-wise I should clarify that we don't always implement salary caps that are used in represented leagues for various reasons (varying from lack of public information, to lack of information about enforcement/edge cases, and most commonly it not making enough of a difference to gameplay to warrant the implementation costs, etc.).
  22. Hi there, this is a known issue we have under review internally currently - thanks for raising.
  23. Hi there, this is a known issue we have under review - thanks for raising.
  24. Hi, this is intended as from next season onwards the group winners of the Euro Cup and Euro Cup II will get byes into the Second Knockout Round of their respective competition.
  25. This is intended, as the definition of Under-21 (for the purposes of the U21 Euros) allows for players up to 23 years old at the point of the finals tournament.
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