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    Outside of SI, I spend my days working in the West End. I support Crewe (someone has to) and I'm also a big fan of F1.

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  1. How did you discover this team? and did you have others on your shortlist?
  2. Gotta be Spurs, right? Or Atalanta Think I enjoy guessing the next club as much as anything else 😄 I’m sure you mentioned ‘youth only’ at some point too, but not sure how that’d help Ivory Coast
  3. Aha let the good times roll, well played Sir. I’ve just ticked Panathinaikos off the list after 6.5 seasons.. I should’ve won it sooner but kept stumbling in the semis. It’s my first CL win (the AI has, however, ticked both Arsenal and PSG - who became eligible in game - off the list for me). I have since been turned down after an interview with Roma, which is gutting as they were well in my sights. Just hoping for another Italian job to come up so I can show them what they’re missing - though Zlatan is managing Fiorentina and I don’t want to change that. Currently twiddling my thum
  4. So far so good 😉 joined with 7 games left of a season and moved up to third so got the Europa League to plough through. Squad is messy, needs some serious destruction but I’ve got zero funds (had to ‘adjust budget’ for an £83k signing) and so I’m stuck with what I’ve got for the time being. Plenty of contracts running out though so funds will open up slightly. I should hope I’ll get the Champions League in my 5th or 6th season - or at least be getting to the semis, at which point it’s a bit of a lottery.
  5. I don’t really come on here anymore, but had popped back on to steal the list of clubs so that I could attempt a similar challenge. I too have landed at Panathinaikos. Thrilled to see you’re giving this another go and I’ll be popping back every now and then to see your inevitably rapid progress.
  6. This is interesting, I've considered trying something similar but more to see how bad I could make a big team without getting sacked.. see if I could slowly lower the targets set. I've never tried relentlessly destroying them! Sounds like fun, but I imagine the novelty wears off after a short while.
  7. For what it's worth, I've done a similar thing.. Spent the first season applying for everything and eventually got a job for a team at the bottom of the French national. They were 12 points adrift when I took over with 8 games to go, and I got sacked the day that relegation was confirmed. Same again for Season 2, got offered a job at the bottom of the French league - but this time managed to stay up and I'm now slowly building a reputation and pushing for a playoff spot in Season 3. It's a patient game and I don't want to hang around too long in the lower French leagues, but that's
  8. I'm a Crewe fan and currently have a save file running with them - I actually rarely play as them, as the idea of getting them to the Premiership feels so unrealistic. Personally I like the SAF Challenge. It isn't new exactly, but it's a good one to get stuck into and create a legacy of sorts.
  9. Looks to me like you simply have to come to terms with the end of a golden generation.. If you can get away with replacing these players 1 at a time, you should be ok - but if you change all at once it could all go tits up. I imagine the keeper will plug away, but your older striker and midfielder may need to make way fairly sharpish. I do like this thread though, so few people play with squads over the age of 30 - it's a totally different problem to what we often see on here.
  10. I like the look of this, it reminds me of the 4-4-2 that Sir Alex used to use with Beckham being the WP and Giggs on the left wing.. I’ve tried recreating that tactic before and always found the midfield balance tricky to get, as I’d been sure I’d need a BWM (Keane) alongside a creative midfielder (Scholes) and it always felt so exposed in the game. This tactic looks like a toned down version of that, which adds a bit of discipline. Whilst I won’t copy this tactic directly, I’ll give something very similar a go (thinking of the old school big man, little man up top)
  11. I bought it a couple of weeks back for £15 and I’m hooked - first one I’ve played in a couple of years, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
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