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    Outside of SI, I spend my days working in the West End. I support Crewe (someone has to) and I'm also a big fan of F1.

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    London, UK

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  1. Agree with everyone else really.. I often come on here to look for assistance/inspiration. If I need to copy a tactic whilst I get my head around the game, I will do - and will often tweak it to suit me and my players when I’ve seen it in action. I don’t think there are any overpowered plug and play tactics in this game anymore, so I don’t see a problem with finding inspiration elsewhere... especially with a game that can seem so complex and frustrating!
  2. I've only recently bought FM19 having had a couple of years without a laptop, so the tactical side of thing is a little different to how I remember it. I’ve attempted a creative tactic, but failed with it so decided I’d go down the 4-3-3 route for stability but still found problems along the way. This post has really helped figure out where my problems may be... (PI’s, Central Defender roles) So yea, great and insightful post. A nice short read with a clear, well explained understanding of the game.
  3. Wahey, been looking forward to Nantes opening up! Inevitably this’ll be over in a season or two, but I really hope it drags out a bit longer.. long enough to build a strong foundation and challenge for years - and then you can do the same with St Etienne 👍
  4. Nantes threatened to have a decent squad in the late 90s but I gather they hit some difficulties.. I’d definitely like to see them do well, have always seen them as a sleeping giant of sorts - whether that’s accurate or not.
  5. 3 French clubs in the knock out rounds may suggest that’d be the place to go next, once Sampdoria is inevitably completed. I’m routing for Nantes and Bordeaux. Gutted to discover that **** Star have won the damn thing before. They’d be a great club to get!
  6. Ravel has got to be one of your fraudulent buddies, no? Shame about the World Cup. It’s typical that your strongest squad didn’t quite make it, but at least you get to decimate the rest of the world for another 4 years.
  7. Ouch! vs Udinese Good couple of wins in there though. This one feels like a good project, could take 4-5 seasons to get there.
  8. Disappointed with the lack of Jünter again, I was sure we’d see more of him this time around! Nevertheless, good work. Have just caught up with everything having given these forums a miss for quite some time.
  9. Great news.. Will hopefully be back on track now having left Chelsea!
  10. I was initially happy with the move to Chelsea but with all the other arrivals Cleveland has been relegated to a rotation player...
  11. 18 goals and 9th in the table.. Can't complain about that!
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