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  1. Not really a stupid question but not sure where else to put it. Ive just been promoted to the Prem with Wolves going into my third season, i signed Jelle Vossen as he has been a god send in previous versions of FM. Stats are good but i cant seem to get him scoring. I play a 3-1-4-2 a possession based game as i have good ball players all over the pitch. I currently have him as an Advanced Forward-Attack, he is playing alongside a Target Man-Support. Not on FM atm so cant post screenshots. Any advice/constructive criticism is welcome...
  2. How do i set up a Target man and a playmaker? Do i assume if I've set the ST to TM as the player instruction that he will automatically become the teams TM? And same with DLP/AP with the midfielders? In previous FM's there has always been a separate tab. Any reply to my stupid question will be appreciated..
  3. canvey if you start this it would be great, hope i get a place at around what time will you have sorted everything out? its such an original idea and i love the apprentice hope the idea develops
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