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  1. Players fitness issue

    i have not noticed this with my arsenal squad, even pre season with games bunched together (towards last 2 games maybe)....so maybe its a training/facilities/lower league thing?
  2. crowd disruptions

    doesnt really add anything to the game in my opinion....
  3. i think weak strikers used to score to many goals in previous FM editions....now it seems only the good strikers score lots of goals in a season....which i think is fair
  4. can you actually change resolution for windowed mode??? if so can anyone tell me how as some stats on the players profile dont show up unless i scroll, which is a tad annoying. if it can be fixed id appriciate anyones time to tell me how
  5. i have patched yes....i notice it in any match i watch....not just my strikers. just seems to be the general thing....its not a huge problem...but i just believe that it should favour strikers a little more by the way the one on ones im talking about is when a striker is alone with just the keeper to beat. not to be confused with an easy miss inside the area
  6. anyone agree that one on ones should be toned a bit more to the striker? im not asking alot more for the striker....maybe an extra 20% or so any thoughts?
  7. i like your player instruction idea....i also like something like aa manager giving instructions from the dugout. ie- you could click on a player in the match view and it could come up with instructions depending what position he is.....like cut inside for winger....drift out wide for striker....much like a real manager would i guess
  8. strange it isnt showing for everyone then ???
  9. anyone else experiencing this? has anyone actually got the summary in their game that works?
  10. it was in the demo.....but now its missing
  11. can anyone confirm they still has the competition history? its the summary page im struggling to see, in any competition