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  1. Romelu Lukaku?? Looks excellent on the game and touted as the next Drogba IRL.
  2. A small update: Just reaching the end of Jan. The game's going well. Am in every competition so far. Finals of the League Cup against Chelsea. Not much hope as I've been playing the kids in this competition and we really struggled last round against Tottenham. The League's going well too. Am in pole position but am only 1 point ahead of Chelsea (provided they win their game in hand). Have lost 2-3 times this season with one being to Chelsea themselves at the Bridge. I started off really well with the team really scoring freely and all my players in sparkling form. However, over the past month or two, things seem to have stalled a little and we've been winning by small margins. Anyway, we're winning and that's what counts. Although the poor conversion rate is something that is worrying me a little with bigger games to come. I've made some changes to my squad in Jan. Sold Diaby for 11M + 30% sell on fee to At. Madrid. Didn't need him with the amount of talent in my midfield. Have also moved Squillaci on for 3M. He was doing well but at 30, wasn't playing every week and started to decline a little. Sold him before his value went further down. Denilson, Rosicky & Bendtner are also likely to leave either in Jan itself or next year. Got some targets in mind for next year that I really want to bring in. So let's see how it pans out. Will update again end of the year. theincrediblehulk
  3. The transfer window has just closed so a small update: TRANSFERS IN Joe Hart - £16M [Man City] Leonel Galeano - £5.25M [independiente] Dennis Appiah - £3M [AS Monaco] TRANSFERS OUT Lukasz Fabianski - Loan 1.5M + 1.5M future option to buy [barcelona] I decided not to go crazy with transfers. Honestly, I wanted Hugo Lloris but couldn't get the option for the board to negotiate. I reckon this was because I still had about 17M of my budget still left. Because once I bought Hart, and then looked at Lloris, they were ready to negotiate the deal for me then. Not too worried though because Hart's started well. I also decided against asking the board to negotiate a transfer for a CB as well. I wanted Chiellini but scouts said he'll cost upwards of 40M and Thiago Silva would have been about the same. I'll try again in Jan if my current lot are not up to task. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 formation and my team is: GK - Hart/Almunia WBL - Clichy/Gibbs WBR - Sagna/Eboue CBL - Vermaelen/Squillaci CBR - Koscielny/Galeano/Djourou CML - Fabregas/Diaby/Denilson [Ramsey will take over from these two in Jan] CMR - Song/Nordtveit/Denilson AML - Arshavin/Vela AMR - Walcott/Rosicky AMC - Nasri/Wilshere ST - Van Persie/Chamakh/Bendtner I'm still experimenting but it's going pretty well so far. Van Persie and Walcott change positions during the game but the others stay put. I've played about 5-6 games and won all of them. And pretty convincingly as well although it has to be said that I haven't really faced a tough opponent yet. The toughest was Valencia in the CL but thrashed them 5-1 after they had a player sent off. My starting XI has been brilliant - all of them. Eboue stepped in for 3-4 games at LB when Clichy & Gibbs both got injured in the same game and did very well (funnily enough, Vermaelen also got injured in training a couple of days later!). Song has been solid but unspectacular. The best moment had to be when Koscielny scored a hat-trick for me and that too a perfect one. Header, left foot, right foot. Brilliant! I've got a lot of players on my wishlist at the moment. And I'll try to bring them in from Jan onwards. My future plan involves getting rid of many of the current crop who I think are either too old or not good enough. Come Jan, I'll definitely look to get rid of Diaby & Denilson. While both are pretty good players, I think I've got too many players in midfield and they are all better. Rosicky will also be sold. He's injured for 2 months already anyway. The other players who are in danger of being axed are Djourou, Squillaci & Bendtner. Both the CB's will only leave if I bring in some other CB as replacement. Bendtner - only because I don't have space for him. Let's see how it goes but I'm definitely not overloading myself with players right now. If I come across a bargain though, I'll take it. Thanks for reading. theincrediblehulk
  4. JEinchy Thanks for the suggestions. Pique not interested in joining sadly. Pepe I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole (hate him IRL). The other's, as you said, the board wouldn't buy for me and I had no budget left. I was seriously considering Samba at the start of the season as I really rate him highly but then decided against it. I still don't know why though!! aditya Thanks for the suggestions. Tasci is a no-no considering his concertration. Howedes I've not looked at yet but will keep an eye out for. dz47 Thanks a lot mate! It's great to be back. Koki Balboa Thanks mate. Yes, it has been very long. Work's destroying my gaming life!! J.T Thanks for the suggestion mate. I was gonna go for Silva myself but then decided against it because I was really more keen on a aerially dominant player. Might go back in for him in Jan or next season though as he looks class.
  5. JEinchy Thanks for the suggestions mate. I've made a few signings and still thinking of one more which might just be a big name signing. I'm yet to use the boards help so might just take it and see if I can bring in a player who'll add to my team substantially and this will probably be a CB. Can you recommend someone for me? I'm happy to splash the cash for a quality player but I would prefer someone who can dominate aerially. Mexes has signed a new contract and will cost me £13-15M. His concentration is also a little too low for my liking anyway. The only other player who seems to fit the bill is Vidic and that's not possible. Will update again once I've completed all my transfers. theincrediblehulk
  6. Howdy everyone. It's been a while since I've been on here. Busy work-life etal! Wonder if someone still remembers me?! :confused: Just got my FM2011 copy and am starting an Arsenal save. The opening post is quality no doubts but I'm wondering if anyone has any other tips for me beyond that? Its been a while since I've played the game (couldn't get into FM2010 sadly, so FM09 was the last serious game!!). I think for the first season, I'm gonna take someone else's tactic and see where that gets me. Hopefully I'll be able to get into the game long enough to develop my own. It might have been a while but some things never change sadly. The weak departments according to me remain the same. New goalkeeper is a must for me. The rest, I'll see as I go along. I don't know how regular I will be on here but I hope to be around. Any tips would be gratefully received. On signings, staff and especially the game-play which I'm not familiar with. theincrediblehulk
  7. Actually this thread slipped through my radar so far and I've only just seen it. Quality HoPeY.
  8. Well, most have been mentioned. I'll throw in John Fleck, Febian Brandy, Danny Simpson, Danny Haynes, Michael Mancienne, Scott Sinclair and Lee Cattermole.
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