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  1. I recently got a new laptop with similar specs but with 8gb ram, it runs brilliantly for what i want. I can run 10-12 leagues at 5 star and processing times from day to day are minimal. The recommended quality of the graphics is high and runs without lag or jumps you could probably push it to very high. If you could get it up to 8gb ram i would really recommended it as i can jump in and out of football manager to browse the internet or change a podcast without a dip in performance at all so unless you can get an M processor for the same price or if you want to run more leagues than me I would say go for it Rhazmuz
  2. I'm currently weighing up the following 2 computers, I want to be able to run 4 countries with about 15-20 leagues. What speed would this run at roughly on the following laptops. https://www.cyberport.de/lenovo-thinkpad-edge-e531-n4ieuge-notebook-mit-mattem-display-ohne-windows-1C30-3LQ_1695.html https://www.cyberport.de/lenovo-ideapad-g710-59427209-notebook-schwarz-i5-4210m-4gb-sshd-hdplus-dvd-dos-1C31-2LQ_1695.html Ideally I'd like this laptop to last me 3-4 years running fm at good speeds till then. Would the 2nd one be worth the extra €50 for the extra longevity. Whichever one I get I will be adding 4-8gb of ram myself.
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