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  1. Hi guys, first post here but felt compelled to comment. Last year i bought a Samsung 370R notebook, i only use it for t'interweb and football manager. within about 5 minutes of using it i'd taken windows 8 off it as it did my nut in, i then got a bit bored and decided to stick an SSD in it. Have to say, this was the best decision i ever made - i can full boot windows in about 10 seconds flat now, and be playing FM within about a minute ... It's pretty clear to me any laptop for playing FM benefits massively from having a SSD. My game processing time is mere seconds - according to the game creator a regular mode fm save with 48k players has a 3 star rating. the laptop has: Intel i3-3110M @ 2.4GHz (quad core) 6GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 (booo - this is jut terrible, but i dont use the 3D match engine anyway - i have never even tried so couldnt say how it looks - much prefer the old school 2D views). Crucial 120GB M500 6Gbps SSD (currently about 60 quid on ebuyer). My laptop was £350 when i bought it, so thats a total spend of £410 ... my advice to anyone who is not bothered about 3D is get a good (quad) processor, decent amount of memory and find one with an SSD (or do what i did and bin the warranty by putting your own in).
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