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  1. I do not use an external monitor. Tried all the resolution options, no difference
  2. Of course, but then please update the info in the "create Belarc Report" info page. There it said to send an e-mail to that address. It's uploaded noow, with the name Belarc Advisor - Computer Profile - Nightfire.html
  3. that is not an option, because if i try to drag it bigger than maby 40% of the screen, it just goes to black
  4. Yes, I have deleted the Preferences and Caches Folder The actual performance in game is perfect, it's just that i can't get it full screen. Everytime i try to get it full screen or, just make the window larger, it freezes. I tried a complete reinstall of my computer. Then i got 5 stars, but still can't get it full screen
  5. The problem is still there. Can also confirm that it's my Nvidia card that is running FM20, from FM -> Status -> Systeminfo
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