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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I saw something similar to that in my game, they were still deciding the stadium for the Europa League and it was between one stadium from Romania and St. Marys in England, certainly a weird choice for a final, the latter of course
  2. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    I love the new dynamic reputation, definently makes the game world feel more real. Tougher competition in europe it seems, its always been hard but seems most of the big teams are starting to slip up, making for a much more interesting competion, ill be waiting for the season update to see how you go with it! Good Luck!
  3. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    Great career you've got going there dafuge! unlucky losing Anikin but those new players look like good prospects that can slot in and still improve. just a quick question, i've noticed that Spain only has 3 Champions League spots, im guessing their cooefficent or league reputation has gone down or something but im not sure how their results have been in your game. keep it up, good luck with your first season in the champions league!
  4. Yep i was playing first season in the MLS as Chicago and i was just about to play against LA so i thought id check on Beckham but he wasnt there so i check their transfer history and for about $9.5 million he went to Sunderland!
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I think i have seen this on here but his name is just perfect. Just Played against him, and he got sent off, so thats how i found this little beauty. Not bad for League 2 aswell
  6. That is quality mate and you dont look like your slowing down either KUTGW!! You must have everything as State of the Art to produce those quality regens.
  7. Well after two promotions and getting them to the Europa League i decided to resign from H and W Welders, and have now moved on to Grays Athletic in the BSP. Expected to be in Mid-table im in 2nd, 3 pts behind Hartlepool in 1st after 24 games. Injuries are starting to hurt me though
  8. Also speaking of NI, I am in December 2017 with H and W Welders in the Premier Division after a long time in the second division and then some quick promotions. Linfield have won the league every year since 2010 and dont seem to be slowing down, I have gotten into Europa League spots twice with finishing our highest league position 2nd. Currently 4th and in Europa League position, its a close league.
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    What confuses me is there all strikers except for Carrick
  10. Regen Location

    Yeah Greece and Romanian produce the better regens than most other nations in my Leicester save
  11. I just finished my first pre season with Newport Co in the BSS and it is looking good as i remained un beaten bar one result against Tamworth. Overall im pleased with my squad and i hope to bring my for into the league. Hoping to go long into the night to see how i go. LLO what skin would that be.
  12. "Remember to call your family and ask for more sick leave" and "I am now a Football Manager Expert"
  13. Funny team names

    There is Young Boys FC i think in Switzerland or Sweden cant remember but i think Micheal Jackson is a major sponsor lol
  14. Steve Mclaren, it is my goal in life to be as terrible manager as him lol
  15. Crazy...

    Ive had the same thing with me managing Totenham. I drew against FC Kobenhavn in the Champs League and the match confidence thing comes on i was like WTF lol