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  1. I play all of your tactics with balanced mentality and it works better for me. If you had time I suggest test with Black Echo 4231 with balanced works great with me. 3 years with Besiktas (only play with Turkish players) and get Europa League with after that season semifinal in UCL
  2. Hi Actually rather than rating I am asking for opinions; is my regen should me winger or striker? Little bit info on my team I only use Turkish players and I have good amount of right winger(left footed) and not so much strikers but I wanna get the best performance of my regen so I play him as striker for now but now thinking maybe retrain him as winger could be better?
  3. hey @knap, is 20.3.0 meaning the latest patch right? the one with MEv2040?
  4. Did the guys who make this games ever play a season or they just too busy to that.
  5. I am trying to play 4231 but maybe this is the time I should let it go....
  6. When I move onto public beta would I be available to play 20.2? @Neil Brock
  7. I dont know why but i didnt get the same performance as the old 442 with new winger and forward and wingerbacks look like they need improvements
  8. hey @knap would consider try tweak classic 442 formation and when it will be released? thanks for your service make fm great
  9. I wouldnt say awful its still good but just need little tweaks i guess and passes from center is look like superior but i didnt play much games knap probably figure it out (:
  10. Hi knap did you tried 442Sympathy* after new update feels like need update especially wingers and mezzela
  11. Hey knap using 4231 what you suggest for tweaking when playing against 532 like wolves?
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