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  1. Whats ME? I have downloaded the updates, but alas...still not able to get into it.
  2. I've been a fan of the CM/FM series for a long time, but for some reason I find FM14 a bit too "flashy" my liking. I can't seem to get into it, and find it a bit too detailed and too much. The Classic Mode I don't find that impressive, and miss the bare bones approach of FM05-11 where it was about the game and not all the extra bits like taking part as a pundit on deadline day and other bits. Anyone else feel the same?
  3. Didnt Czech Republic and Slovakia split officially in 1993? I know by the time they split it was too late to enter the World Cup as seperate nations.
  4. I made a mistake with my vote; 2002/3 it should be - Birmingham's first season in the Prem after sixteen years away in the top flight. The first season would be my second choice.
  5. Messina; Serie A in 2006/7 season...now Serie D I believe.
  6. Abergevanny Thursdays in Wales. Founder members of the League of Wales in 1992, relegated in 1993. Some five or six Divisions below in Gwenty County League Division Two. Ironically they were the last Welsh League Champions a year before the league was created. You could add Luton Town to this. I believe they were in the top flight a year before the Premier League began. Relegated and now in the Conference. Stockport County twelve years ago were in Division 1 (Championship) now Conference North.
  7. My club Birmingham City as usual. Once the add-ons get released on here such as English lower leagues: Probably a few clubs from the Somerset region (Bristol Manor Farm/Wells City)
  8. Anyway this can work with Windows 7. I find Dosbox a bit too tricky.
  9. I remember a game on the Amstrad called Multi-Player-Soccer-Manager - that was my introduction to football management, I was 7/8 at the time. There was no match engine, and the results were displayed as they were on Final Score. There was the odd freak result e.g. 11-0 or 6-6 but it provided hours of enjoyment. Champ/Football Manager. We had our first PC in 1999, I picked up Championship Manager 2 for £5 - was instantly hooked!! Bought Championship Manager 3 second hand for £10, won the Conference and FA Trophy with Cheltenham.
  10. They won't lend me anything! I get "the player wants to play at a higher level!"
  11. Started here.....two games in I've managed to lose 2-1 and win 5-0 in the league! This is with about eight players, three injured and a few greyed out players. I seem to be in and out of embargos, no-one wants to loan me players and it's a struggle. It's fun though!
  12. I've added some memory to my computer which has the specs 1.60 x 2 dual celeron processer and 2.5 gb ram. How many leagues potentially can it run?
  13. Why say it is compatible when it doesn't work? If this can be fixed....great - if not can I get a refund?
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