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  1. 1366x768 On FM13 I could play windowed fine but now I can't Edit: already answered. thnx
  2. That is never correct. I always play friendlies against big teams at the beginning of my game when I am in a low league. Every 3 to 4 days a cup with 3 big teams. Money comes flying in
  3. Zakaria Bakkali Richedly Bazoer Karim Rekik These three can be added. The top prospects from the Dutch League. Adam Maher, Jetro Willems, Tonny De Vilhena, Memphis Depay and Richairo Živković could also be good prospects, but I doubt they will become world class.
  4. Is the youth rating of a country and football importance dynamic? If this is not the case I would be very hard to up the youth comming from te country. And even harder if you don't manage a club in the country in order to up the club facilities.
  5. After taking a Blue Square Bet N/S team to the world greatest team in the last few installments I'm going to take San Marino CF and the Sammarinese national team. Aiming for World Cup victory in 2452.
  6. Alright, thanks guys, guess I'll need a couple of more years of youngsters comming in and putting crappy Sammarinese players under contract in order to get there
  7. Hi Is there any way to play your reserves team in the Italian U20s league? The U20s team normally plays there ofcourse and if i want to keep some reserves fit I let them play with the U20s, but if i got a game comming up I usually dont want my reserves all tired from the U20s game. And constantly switches them from the senior squad to the U20s can't be good for morale. So If you could set the Reserves team as default team for the U20s league this would be solved, because you can set them "available for reserves" while the stay in the senior squad. If this is not possible, suggestions on how to manage this are also welcome ofcourse
  8. The is no Sammarinese league to be loaded. If you want the national team at the start you can load all the players from the country, but i am over 20 seasons into my game so I don't have that option.
  9. Hi I have a Boreham Wood game and won everything there is to win with the team so after a few seasons of dominating the Premier League I joined Serie C2 club San Marino to bring them to the top. At the moment I am still managing the England national team, but I wanted to manager the Sammarinese national team now that I joined the club. However I can't apply for the job. My guess is because of a lack of players. I was wondering what the minimum of players needed is to manage a national team. My scouts can find 49 at the moment. Any ideas?
  10. I got a new laptop and forgot to copy my hall of fame to it, so in my Boreham Wood game I am now stuck with 2 hall of fames on different computers. One with all my history and 1 with just last seasons Premier League and Champions League win (and both super cups in the new season). Is there any way to merge these or to copy the old one and adjust it or something so it displays my full manager history?
  11. How can SI not know when their game is released :') I'm still hoping for 0.01 tonight
  12. What would be an awesome addition is that when you recreate nation rules and you add an existing league (like the Premier League), it automatically has the existing league rules. It would make adding leagues or making minor tweaks to rules a lot easier
  13. I hope it will finally be possible to change league rules without having to recreate the entire league system. I want to start a game where every European team can only use homegrown (in nation) players. Tried to do it in FM 2012 but it was just too much work and testing to see if everything would work for a multi-season game
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