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  1. moved all my 2012 graphics etc over into 2013 and created the correct file path as far as i am aware but none are showing on 2013....i do this every year and never had a problem in the past...am i missing something ?its driving me crazy
  2. i have installed the beta version and done the same as i always do by moving all my previous version (fm2012 in this case) files into fm 2013 , i have set the file path to the correct setting but none of my graphics/backgrounds/tactics are there when i load 2013....its drivin me mental...been tryin to sort it now for 2 hours but no luck ...whats happening ?
  3. i have been running a fairly successful clan since fm05. this time when fm 11 comes out i am hoping to increase the number of players from 5 to 7. is there any way of finding out if the 2 extra players would cause much lagging... i do not want to start the game and have to re start at a later date due to slow performance my ram is 4gb my download speed between 5 and 7mb my ping is 57 upload speed 0.36 i usually run 3 leagues from 1 nation with a large database and it has always been ok this time i intend to run only 2 leagues from 1 nation... i would consider dropping the database size down from largest to compensate if it may help any comments much appreciated
  4. worked it all out now. i only bloody went and bought fifa manager 2010 by accident(actually it was a mate) he aint downloaded it. any chance he can get money back ?
  5. just purchased game via steam but i can not locate it anywhere. its not in my games ? so i cant install it....what the #### !
  6. come on please help

    excuse me but i have spent countless hours searching all these forums trying to find the answers to my earlier question below but with no luck. so what is wrong with me posting my request in here ? i understand there has to be rules but surely i am not breaking any. i thought the whole point of these forums was to help people not close down everyone requests over some technicality. i take it then andy h that you do not know the answer to my question, but maybe someone out there does so could you please re open my thread
  7. i have been a host since fm 05 and never had any issues. but on 09 i have had at least 3 players leave the game because of serious lagging at there end. from what i have read it is probably down to their download speed at peak times. my ping is 57 (not the best but adequate i think) my upload is 33 and download 6.5. 4 players are playing perfectly well but a dedicated member has had to retire for the foreseeable future. i have read about hamachi but i am not sure if this could possibly ease the problem ? can anyone answer this for me ? also are other hosts suffering the same issues with any of their players ? and if so what can we do about it ?
  8. time wasters doin my head in

    thanks for your advice, i have found 2 decent lads who have joined in the last 2 weeks and another long serving clan member unexpectedly returned so now i have a loyal committed happy clan of 6. which is about right in my hosting experience. for all those who intend to start their own clan, from my experience only 1 in 3 or 4 of those who join up and promise commitment are genuine, so it does take time and can be very frustrating.
  9. time wasters doin my head in

    my clan had been successfully running for 5 years now but numbers have dropped from 8 to only 3 by the end of fm08, so i advertised in the clan advertiser thread and what an absolute nightmare i have had with people sayimg they want to join then bangin on about how serious they are then dropping out after only 1 week. i have had 4 new players join and every one is new to playing fm online and every one has left already leaving just the original 3. its fine if people realise its not their cup of tea but they have cocked my game up by taking over a team then leaving after a week. i think s.i should perhaps show a short tutorial video to let all these part timers know what they are letting themselves into and the commitment required to play online !!! and hopefully stop time wasters messing serious players on line games. there is no respect these days huh
  10. yeah man. big upla from the mighty fw. well worth the wait, finally up and running at 9 pm. network game year 5 launching sunday.....come on..........
  11. Alcohol and FM

    my mate (known only as 'THE DOG') was ****ed up playing our network game and lost a realy important match. He crushed his empty can of stella and rammed it into his forehead in anger, cutting all his head open.
  12. FM:2009 - Dreaming in anticipation!

    leeds united, always has been and always will be. after around 10 seasons when they r a european force again i will play a career game beginning with kettering