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  1. Here is the suggestion. Make players "gelling" and familiarity with each other more important and more visible. On tactic screen, show visually how well each player is "gelled" with each other. Also, make gelling important for national team matches too, so national team manager has incentive to take proven linked pairs from clubs into a national team.
  2. so which choices he did in first and second scenario? I don't think FM allows players to spend time like Mutu or Morrison..
  3. Is there such thing? Could you elaborate how does it work?
  4. Of course, the result is that AI clubs in FM don't ever buy really good potential teenagers. (or at least I never seen them do it)
  5. "player value" doesn't need any scouting, I can look up "player value" on transfermarkt.com any time. And yes it's far from money paid. (Martial has 8M euro market value on transfermarkt http://www.transfermarkt.com/anthony-martial/profil/spieler/182877 )
  6. Your counter is based on the fact that PA for Regan Poole is low in FM . Did you ever get 5-star potential (in MU terms) 16/17-year olds in FM cheaply? The cheapest I got in FM15 was something like 8-9M, and after going through several dozens of 5-star PA teenagers. This is definitely not normal.
  7. Here is another example from real life. Anthony Martial, extremely high-potential teenager (given what is said about him, should have 190 PA or so) that is already "Key Player" in Monaco (one of the best by current ability in their starting 11). Monaco chairman said in interviews that Martial is "definitely not for sale". Martial signed a new contract just 2 months ago. What happened next? They say they "got an offer they couldn't refuse". And this offer is 50 million euro (30m upfront + 20m over 4 years), plus 30m euro conditional. IRL this is "offer you can't refuse" for a teenager. In FM, if Monaco had a 19-year old Key Player with extremely high potential who just signed a new contract, they would start negotiations from 150-200m and would not agree for 50m. This is the problem.
  8. See Regan Poole transfer to Man United for 100k today. This would be a realistic price for a high-potential 17-year old. 100k, no more. I could see paying 1-3M. But in FM high-potential are usually 30-40M, which is nonsense.
  9. yeah in my game for MU Januzaj got unsettled by Real Madrid, and he told me "he wants to leave to a better league" (ffs!! since when la liga is better?)
  10. It's clear that the asking price is way too inflated in FM, *especially* for teenagers (30M for 16 year old? sure). But what's interesting, the actual prices paid by AI clubs are on the opposite, lower than in reality. If you holiday many years, you'll never see AI clubs pay $150M+ for any player.
  11. For experienced FM players surely, more PIs is better than more Roles. For less experienced ones (for those who did less than 1000 hours) more Roles is definitely better than more PIs. Most new players never use PIs because they are too confusing. (I personally started using PI just in the last couple weeks, after 1500+ hours in FM, and I still do it very cautiously). If we want to keep FM accessible to people who are not that hardcore, we need Roles and better have more roles.
  12. Wow in the first screenshot his Aggression is 14 in the second it's 6. How do you train that? Penalty taking is 16 and 6. Natural Fitness 14 and 10? Doesn't look natural if it changes with development that much.
  13. Ok you are saying you scored 5 goals from 5 throw ins in one match. I really want to see a video of this, I never scored from any throw ins ever. What tactical settings you have for throw ins?
  14. Is there a national youth champion in England in real life? which competition is this?
  15. In FM15, I (MU) lost in the final of the champions league to Bayern. None of my players ended up on the "Dream Team". 8 of the players are from Bayern, 2 from PSG and 1 from Real (James). What's funny, "Best player of the Champions League" is Ronaldo, but he didn't make it to the "Dream Team".
  16. I wish there was a top-down camera, like 2D mode in FM
  17. I won FA Cup Final against Chelsea. And it was quite a match. It was the first game ever that I watched on Full Match from beginning to the end. Chelsea scored on minute 30th or so, before that everything was equal. Then I started to press on my usual tactic, with 1 DM and 2 CMs. Nothing. After 45 min I switched to aggressive tactic, no DMs, 2 CM, 1 AM. Still nothing. On minute 65 or so I switched to mostly forgotten 2 forward tactic (see first screenshot in this thread), slightly modified; 2 CM (DLP(s) and BBM(s)), 2 wingers (IF(A) and AP(A)), and 2 forwards (DLF(S) and AF(A)) (my familiarity went waay down), and I switched to Attacking mentality. Besides shape and mentality, the whole game I was switching a few TIs, on & off - "Higher tempo", "Narrower", "Offside trap".. On ~75th min I scored. 1-1. I switched mentality to Standard immediately but kept the same shape. Chelsea wasn't attacking well, and I've scored on the 87th minute. Won 2-1. Surprisingly to myself this 2-striker shape really gave me a lot of shots and chances. I had 5 clear-cut chances in the end, 3 of them came in the last 20 minutes. Chelsea was playing the whole game in attacking shape, no DMs, 2 CM, 1 AM + wingers, 1 ST. They also played 17-yo Cristian Manea as RB since Ivanovic wasn't available, but I didn't feel it affected the game much. (my goals were both from the other flank) Compare this stat with the stat in the post above - just a few months passed . Though above Chelsea was at home, and current stat is at Neutral. Only one game left - CL final against Bayern. They destroyed Man City 4-0 at home.
  18. Haha, it's funny. I started the thread when I was really concerned that my team is "leaking goals". In the end I won the EPL title conceding just 31 goals in 38 games (so just 11 goals in 18 games since starting the thread), and my center-backs (Jones & Ramos) made it to the team of the season! The only guys from my team on it. Also my away record improved, it's 8-9-2 (was 4-9-2 at some point). And Chelsea got the late sprint too, they won away games at Man City and Liverpool in the closing weeks of the season, but couldn't catch me. I have 14 wins in a row across all competitions. Now FA Cup and CL finals are ahead
  19. Another game, I (MU) vs Norwich. Very one-sided, 33-5 shots, but 1-1 clear cut chances. At least I won, losing this game would be tough luck . Not sure if this is bad tactical decisions on my side or just luck. I played Attacking and Control mentalities, with very attacking-minded tactic.
  20. I just watched AI game, MC vs Chelsea. Shots: 13-14, on target: 4-7, score: 0-1. Not too many
  21. I'm excited about new UEFA Youth League rules, where 64 teams play. 32 youth teams from CL group participants, and 32 champions of national youth competitions. Details in wikipedia and on the UEFA website. I hope this will be included in FM16. Is there a mod to include new format in FM15?
  22. Does "gel" even exist in FM? How does it manifest, how do you see it? I wonder if I start FM2015 and don't do any signings in the first summer transfer window, will my team be 100% gelled?
  23. Good thread, thanks. Though they completely ignore the header part
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