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  1. Does FMT 19 have all the improvements of FM 19? Like training and tactics? In other words, is FMT 19 better than FMT 18?
  2. As reported by different people, the post-match performance ratings are still extremely narrow (usually between 5 and 7, never going below 4, and only go above 7 if a player scored a goal). It is an especially big problem area for goalkeepers, where even the best GKs with world class saves can't ever get a 9 or a 10 rating. This has been a large issue in all previous versions of FM. Shouldn't be very difficult to fix, so I implore the team to invest a bit into fixing this in FM19.
  3. From another thread (alpha livestream thread) I see that this area was not improved upon. Quote: "- Player Ratings are not accurate. In this special case Goalkeepers. For example, Manuel Neuer from the game against Bayern made a world class game and get a 6.9 Rating, should more like 9 to 10 rating I think. " This is very unfortunate. New tactics and training are welcome, but it's always sad that core part of the game is not improved.
  4. I remember that every FM until 18 had very narrow performance ratings - usually from 5 to 8, and they would go up only for goals scored. Defenders would rarely get 8+ rating. Goalkeepers would always have a rating between 6 and 7, regardless of how crucial their saves were. Any changes in making performance ratings wider (e.g. from 1 to 10 actually, similar how real life journalists do them) for all players, including defenders and goalkeepers?
  5. A few people here were saying that it is about tactics. If you were managing Spurs in FM, how would you set up tactics to get the most out of Kane?
  6. Thank you guys, this gives me hope that these guys are still going to get much better!
  7. I am stumped. FM18. My (Man Utd) player Angel Gomes is 18, and got his first loan spell at West Ham (also Premier League) since Jan 2019. By March 2019 he is a regular starter in West Ham, playing 6 games for the first team (he wasn't a regular in my first team, just starting for U23s). What I see is that almost all his attributes declined in March (several of them after an increase in February). For example, Acceleration went from 16.4 in Jan to 17.0 in Feb to 16.4 in March. Finishing went 9.4-10.0-9.4. Some just declined, e.g. Dribbling went from 14.4 in Jan, 14.4 in Feb, 14.2 in March. Similarly Long Shots went from 11.4 in Jan to 11.0 in Mar. Angel Gomes CA is still much lower than his PA. West Ham have Great training facilities (15) and several coaches. What could be happening?
  8. I'm in Feb 2019 on my save and Kane has scored 4 goals in 22 games for Tottenham in 18/19 - feels extremely low, he should be closer to 20. His CA is 167, which also seems low. Interestingly, if I compare him to Lukaku, the chart shape is almost identical, though in reality their styles are quite different. I feel Kane should be much stronger.
  9. I have been playing for MU until Feb 2018 so far. Around 30-40 games. Many free kicks being given, both for me and against me, and I have never ever seen a free kick being scored - neither direct nor through a pass. I have best free kick takers selected (Pogba, Mata etc.), and I didn't mess with the routines. Is this part buggy? Was it like this in FM17 too?
  10. So, surprising update! I changed the tactic and won 3-0. I even had more shots on target. So basically I decided to try a counter-attacking tactic, similar to Mourinho's tactic in the Tottenham and Chelsea games. I conceded possession on purpose (60-40), and conceded many shots (14) but they were off target - Real had only 5 on target shots and only 1 clear cut chance. 2 of my goals were typical counter attack goals - CWB crosses from the deep, AF beats the last man, one-on-one with the keeper and scores. I guess my adding of "Direct passing" and "Higher tempo" helped here. Highest pass combination was Valencia-Lukaku. Here is the tactic. I man-marked AML and AMR by my CWBs (thanks for advice); and I had special instructions against Ronaldo (tight marking, closing down, tackling hard). I also reduced number of playmakers (thanks for advice), and removed offside trap. I didn't change almost anything during the game, apart from adding "Retain Possession" after I was 1-0 up (realizing that it would reduce effectiveness/speed of my counters). I am surprised that players played pretty well in unfamiliar positions (e.g. Valencia and Young not used to CWB positions, Rashford not used to AF role, Lukaku not used to DLF role, Blind is shaky as CD). Surprisingly, Ronaldo got the worst rating in the game - 6.3! (to be fair he was injured at 68', but I was leading 3-0 by that time).
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