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  1. Does FMT 19 have all the improvements of FM 19? Like training and tactics? In other words, is FMT 19 better than FMT 18?
  2. As reported by different people, the post-match performance ratings are still extremely narrow (usually between 5 and 7, never going below 4, and only go above 7 if a player scored a goal). It is an especially big problem area for goalkeepers, where even the best GKs with world class saves can't ever get a 9 or a 10 rating. This has been a large issue in all previous versions of FM. Shouldn't be very difficult to fix, so I implore the team to invest a bit into fixing this in FM19.
  3. From another thread (alpha livestream thread) I see that this area was not improved upon. Quote: "- Player Ratings are not accurate. In this special case Goalkeepers. For example, Manuel Neuer from the game against Bayern made a world class game and get a 6.9 Rating, should more like 9 to 10 rating I think. " This is very unfortunate. New tactics and training are welcome, but it's always sad that core part of the game is not improved.
  4. I remember that every FM until 18 had very narrow performance ratings - usually from 5 to 8, and they would go up only for goals scored. Defenders would rarely get 8+ rating. Goalkeepers would always have a rating between 6 and 7, regardless of how crucial their saves were. Any changes in making performance ratings wider (e.g. from 1 to 10 actually, similar how real life journalists do them) for all players, including defenders and goalkeepers?
  5. Demichelis really can't make his mind. (from reddit)
  6. I didn't know Mourinho dreamt of being Southampton boss (after leading Chelsea to 2nd place in EPL and FA Cup Final)
  7. Manchester City chose an extremely attacking formation
  8. I just ordered new Lenovo Yoga Pro 3. It looks amazing. The biggest thing is a new Intel Core M CPU http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/9/6946835/lenovo-yoga-3-pro-announcement-pricing-release-date
  9. Christiano Ronaldo decided to shoot at his own goal. Out of the blue. Caught his goalkeeper off-guard
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