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  1. 190 PA doesn't mean he "ought" to peak higher, it means he "might" peak higher than those guys. Which I think is possible.
  2. Shouldn't Martial have at least 190 PA? He is the best 19-year old in the world by far and looks almost set to get a Golden Ball in the future, it's not 175 or thereabouts. He should get a PA that will make it likely for him to receive Golden Ball in FM around 2020.
  3. Hi Neil, thanks for chiming in. It's unfortunate that SI thinks AI is "not something that really sells copies of the game". Every single day I'm checking twitter.com/footballmanager to see announcement like "Better transfer AI" and see nothing. For me, ME and AI are the only things that sell the game. Being a programmer myself I know that of course you guys are improving AI all the time. It would be nice though if you spoke more about this in public, rather than about superficial features like "new News screen". Thanks for telling it here, I feel better about FM16 already. Now if there is a more public announcement, more people would feel happy
  4. So now you contradict him again - he said that the real groups are not used because of licensing, full stop. You are saying it is for gameplay reasons. If it is for gameplay, then nothing should change for most players - of course those Southampton fans should have their chance to fix qualifying. What I suggested is an option. Just a checkbox, similar to "Lock summer transfers" - "Lock real life continental groups". Off by default, but some people would turn it on.
  5. So now you contradict RTHerringBone who said that the draws and real groups are protected. My suggestion was not to use the real match results or real matches data, this is not important. I suggested only to use real groups and real draws.
  6. Absolutely unhappy, as well as with "star" system that makes it so easy to sign really good teenagers. There should be much more variety in young players development, and it should be much less clear who has greater potential.
  7. I think it would be great to play exact same CL groups as in real life in FM16. I know that for many of you the first season is not that interesting, but for me the first season is everything (since it is so close to real life). So it would be great to have same schedule in the league and in CL as in real life.
  8. Well, to your point, I'd be happy to start playing September 2 in-game, with all transfers and CL qualifying locked-in as IRL. This would be nice!
  9. Sounds like a bug, could you post it on a bug forum, hopefully will be fixed for FM16
  10. He definitely is, also he remembers the tactics that forum people use! He mentioned a few times stuff I posted some time ago in completely different threads..
  11. Hi, is there any news on whether in-game editor will be released simultaneously with beta or main release?
  12. This is so sad and makes so little sense. Why did the devs put the deadline so early? I wonder if devs can come to this thread and explain, I would appreciate it a lot. So this means I won't really start playing FM16 until Editor is released, so I can adjust the players' attributes and PA myself, according to September/October performances. (Esp. Martial - I'm 100% sure that in the end of August researchers would give him much lower attrs/CA and PA then he should have got) Any idea when the editor will be released?
  13. On the players note, Chris Smalling deserves a significant boost in comparison to FM15. Januzaj should probably get lower PA. Rooney should get increased workrate and mental stats, but decreased physical stats and finishing. Darmian should get higher stats. etc. etc.
  14. Doesn't make sense since we don't know how he is rated in FM16 yet. Doesn't make sense, why would they release game in November if they base data on the previous season? They release game in November so there are three more full months to evaluate players for the new FM, so that it can be most realistic. Of course players like El Ghazi and Martial, and also non-performing such as RvP should be rated based on their performance this season, not last season.
  15. Thanks. What is exactly the way that my players can "force" the opposition player to use his weak foot?
  16. I played a lot of FM15 on Surface Pro 3. 3D matches, lots of db. No problems
  17. I'm confused by the opposition instruction "show the player on left/right/weaker foot". What does this OI mean? What does word "show" mean here? Dictionary is not helpful unfortunately.
  18. Well, it never happened on my save that Martial became a world class wonderkid. Though, I didn't start too many saves. I see that you, as Dagenham_Dave, don't understand what realism actually means. Realism means that if I know that Martial is good in real life, Martial has to be good in my game (at least in first season) too. It shouldn't be up to a roll of the dice. And this is what I'm pretty confident will be updated in FM16, and this is what I have paid for (since i pre-purchased FM16 already). Of course, I'm paying not only for Martial, but for updates for everyone across the board. I don't really see your point though. Why do you have to pick on me and start an argument out of nowhere? I know you Cougar2010 from a few previous threads as sometimes helpful but more often very negative person. I have just explained my reasons for buying FM16, and both you and Dagenham_Dave jump on me. Why? Do you think it is somehow wrong to want updated stats on the players?
  19. There is something that you fail to grasp: on FM15 Martial just had poor stats and poor potential, and earlier versions didn't even have him, so if I play earlier FM I can not be even remotely close to real life. In FM16 his stats will definitely be updated upwards so it would be possible for him to score a lot in EPL, which is exactly the realism I am after. ps: TIL that this forums censors bad words
  20. Lol. Your stat just proves that your "local message board" is on the sharp decline. It's an era of social networks and such, people don't spend time on message boards anymore. And people grow up and change and stop playing FM with years too, and new fans are coming to FM but they don't join your local message board.
  21. I personally buy a new FM every year just for four reasons: better AI managers, better transfers, better ME, and up-to-date database of players. I don't care about bells and whistles and I'm perfectly content with all the UI and features of FM15, 14, 13 etc. But I believe that SI guys are doing their best every year to improve the points above. The game becomes more realistic from this perspective and this is what I need. Dynamic rivalries, better press conferences, injury clauses in contracts and other stuff doesn't really add to realism for me. Having Martial score 6 goals in 4 games would add to realism though, transfer prices making sense would add to realism, players not staying without a club because "wage demands too high" would add, etc.etc.
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