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  1. I noted that after I "remove scout reports" and skip a day, then I see stars from national report in national pool on this player.
  2. Hi, it seems that when I open National Pool page, for some players I don't see any CA/PA, for some I see CA/PA from my national team assistant coach, and for some I see CA/PA from my club team scout. So there would be a youngster with 2* CA and 5* PA, and below him established player with 1.5* CA and 2* PA. Sure I take the younger one into the squad, since his CA is higher.. Then I dive in and figure out that for youngster this 2*/5* is the opinion of national team assistant coach. For established player the same assistant coach thinks 3.5* CA / 3.5* PA, but my club scout thinks 1.5* / 2*. So actually he is better than the youngster. How to get only one type of scout reports in the national pool page? I tried to "remove scout reports" for the established player. Bam - and he has no info in the national pool page now.. Also, many players in national pool page have no star info. What's the best way to obtain this info?
  3. Yeah. If I want to train new Luke Shaw give me a 15-year old boy with good tackling, agility, pace, acceleration, passing - and I will make him DL and DR but if the game says he is CD already, I'm screwed.
  4. thanks for the stats! Where did you get it from? Also, I believe these 486 "direct freekicks" include all of them, including from own half. If you limit to those within 30 meters you'll get better conversion numbers. Anyway, FM has much lower amount of attempted direct freekicks, and lower conversion.
  5. I'd like to start the first 2014-15 season with all clubs forbidden to do transfers for that summer, so all clubs start the season with rosters exactly like in the real life. Otherwise it often just looks funny, the club signed a player a week ago and sold him immediately..
  6. It would be great to "skip" the low-important matches (which are not friendlies), by preparing the squad and giving some instructions (e.g. these 3 players to be introduced after minute 60). Sometimes it gets too boring to beat lower teams
  7. I suggest increase the range from 1-20 to 1-30 and from 1-200 to 1-300 respectively. Leave all the current players as they are. And just have two players - Ronaldo and Messi - have attributes above 20 and CA above 200. No problems for researchers.
  8. Same problem with national teams. In real life the player with great stats will get called to national team. In FM I only call those with great attributes and ignore the stats/form completely.
  9. Please more free kicks. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/395876-Why-there-are-no-goals-from-free-kicks?p=9792399
  10. I played a 100 games with MU and I am surprised that I saw probably 2 goals from direct free kicks. In real life they happen much more often; e.g. English Premier League has 30-40 free kick goals every season (190 games). There are two problems: there are not enough free kicks, and players can't kick well. In real life, good free kick takers convert 20% and more of direct free kicks; Yaya Toure has 80% conversion rate. http://talksport.com/football/toure-and-rooney-beat-suarez-premier-leagues-top-10-free-kick-conversion-rates-14012376923?p=9 In the game my RVP (highest FK skill in the team) converted no more than 10%. what's your observation?
  11. I wonder what you guys think about it. I feel that FM14 is not real in how rigid all players are about their positions. The players are ok in 1 "Natural" position and may be 1 "Accomplished" position. But if you put a player into a position where he is "Competent" or "Awkward" he drops a star or two, and if you put him into unknown position he is effectively non-existent. In reality players can move around and adapt quickly (weeks maybe?). See how Ashley Young is playing a wingback even though he never played him before. Daley Blind is apparently left defender, central defender and central midfielder. Even in the FM14 game itself, with "Very Fluid" freedom the players move so far around the pitch that I saw central defender deliver a cross from close to the opposite goal line, Rooney was clearing headers in his own penalty area, and my DM was coming to score from just outside the box. And young players. 15-year old doesn't need to decide that he will be DL or AM or MR forever. I should be able to train the player based on his attributes, not based on his position preference. So I really wish there was a patch to FM14, or a mod to make every player able to play every position. Sure, there need to be some adaptation - but may be a few weeks, not several years as it is now. And I hope this will be fixed big time in FM15. What do you think?
  12. Ok it got fixed. I moved players around to u-21 and back and checked that they have the 'tick' in the right place.
  13. Interestingly, trialists and "new intake" signed players (just a few days ago) play in U-18 team. Players signed last year don't.
  14. I'm playing for Man Utd. My U-18 players never play in the U-18 games. The games are usually played by generated players plus a few under-18 players from my U-21 squad. Interestingly, the same U-18 players play in U-21 games. I use the latest FM14. Some screenshots are here: http://imgur.com/a/KPKmc. Note that only Danny Smith and Matthew Willock are real players in the ggame; all others are generated. These two are in my U-21 squad. Any ideas what's going on?
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