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  1. If i lose a game, i continue untill i next win. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I am 100% the same, i cant sleep when i go to bed on a loss, i mean come on, end the day on a win and then your happy. This is however bad when you are peterborough in the premiership, i couldnt get a win for toffee! Was up until 4am lol. I sooooooooooooo do that too! Can't sign off for the night with a loss! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
  2. ok thank you very much for the work you put into this and helping, me but i ended up deleting them because It made each match ages to load up to the actual match! obviously it doesnt like me but i like them very much, well done in making them.
  3. I have now downloaded the English pack but it says get rid of the normall "sounds" and "match events", But doesnt that mean that i get rid of my current "player song things"???!!!??? Please help, and sorry for being a pain in the A*sE
  4. ok mate looking forward to it, so is there one that has songs when the game is playing normally and stuff and not just when a player scores? The only one i have donloaded is the goal scoring one, is there any more?
  5. sorry ignore my previous posts, but now i have another problem(yeah i know sorry ) i cannot open the match_sounds.cfg file so therefore i cannot copy th eplayer ID's to it. Please help me i am really eager to just see what these are like.
  6. Please reply: What do you do on STEP 5?????? where is the "match events" foler??? the only folder i see of that rellevants is "matches"??? PLUS what do you mean on STEP 7?? i am really sorry but i am kinda dumb when i comes to this sort of stuff.
  7. dont know mate but i am now downloading the first patch?! 10 mins left lol, what file do you put them in and does it automaticly work or do you have to change the "preferences stuff" thanks for your time.
  8. You can say that again. After losing 2 relationships to FM, my wife walked out on me last week (took 3 days for me to notice). She's back and I've agreed not to 'have one more game' after 2 am. That's addiction </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I feel really sorry for you, and yes, you are addicted. - but how can you not be addicted when fm is around.
  10. when you break up with your girlfriend, so you go and buy an cheaper foreign replacement
  11. I would love to be able to make how ever many line-ups as you want. Say, in the carling cup, you want to field a young side, instead of changing it completely, you can select a heading that you earlier made called "reserve team" or something. just so you dont have to keep changing the line-up. what do you think???
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