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  1. I rarely post, but had to post this, especially given the feedback so far: This is the best FM version I have ever played. Now barring the mental attribute bug (which is now fixed and btw I was not affected as I started in beta), I have the impression I have a different game to everyone else here (I have theories about that, see below). Before I talk about the ME, I need to give big thumbs up for the new features(club vision, training changes, development center, graphical/animation improvements etc), Game also runs very smoothly and faster than FM19 (I am running a game on a 2
  2. "Create a club" mode: can't add players. The button is red and while I can search and find players and see the corresponding budget cost, when pressed nothing happens. Can create players fine. I thought it was because I had first transfer window disabled. Restarted. Same. I thought maybe because the preseason starting date was before the transfer window. Restarted. Same. Is this a bug? Something wrong with adding existing footballers in create club mode?
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