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  1. When you reach the initial squad screen in create a club you have the option to add, create, remove, remove all and auto fill the squad. The add player button for some reason is highlighted red vs grey for the others. When pressed it let's you search for a player but when you do select the player and click add, it takes you back to the squad screen with the player not added. All other buttons work fine. I tried: -Start with first window transfers allowed(thought this was the problem) -Start when the transfer window has opened -Start with different teams/leagues. End result is the same, can't add a player. And yes always taking consideration of the budget changes. I was tempted to post it as a transfer bug but looks like a UI bug easily reproduced.
  2. "Create a club" mode: can't add players. The button is red and while I can search and find players and see the corresponding budget cost, when pressed nothing happens. Can create players fine. I thought it was because I had first transfer window disabled. Restarted. Same. I thought maybe because the preseason starting date was before the transfer window. Restarted. Same. Is this a bug? Something wrong with adding existing footballers in create club mode?