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  1. Is there an article somewhere that explains exactly how FM calculates them? I thought I knew how they were calculated irl, but when I apply the same mathematical rules ingame, I get a slightly different result and really want to know where the difference is located.
  2. Time^-

    FMT Wishlist Thread

    That's still missing the anticipation factor regarding the coëfficients. This is a screenshot from FM2014: Cyprus is ranked 14th, which gives them a second Champions Cup ticket. To keep it, you can clearly see that this new season, they need to outperform at least 3 of the last 4 teams as otherwise, they'd all pass Cyprus and Cyprus would drop to 18th spot next year. Czech Republic is the other way around, they had a superb season last year and it will boost their coëfficient for several years, one more good season and they'll grab that second Champions Cup ticket. This kind of analysis is a huge part for me. My last 4 games were all 10+ years, one was 30+ years. But I always play the minimal game, I only care for growth statistics, transfers, the matches themselves and finances. Anything regarding tactics, training, interaction (which unfortunately for me, are several of the area's that get the most investment in recent years) I skip as much as possible. So you understand Touch would almost be perfect for me, but I seem to be losing these stats in Touch, which kind of ruins it. But I've read this entire topic and I do realize I'm a unique kind in that regard.
  3. Time^-

    FMT Wishlist Thread

    If there's a detailed page somewhere of features that have been added to FMC2016, please refer me to it as I can't find it. The last version I bought is FM2014, the classic mode misses most European stats, with that I mean European club and nation coëfficients, FIFA nation coëfficients, competition rankings, ... Have these been enabled for FMC2016? If yes I'm buying it immediately, if not I'm starting a new game in FM2014. I like to turn a tiny club in a weak league in a weak country into a European big power, but a big part of the fun in that for the nerd in me is seeing your country and club rise in these statistics.
  4. What happens if you try a new game? Holidaying doesn't take that long...
  5. Could be a stupid question, but what is our budget in this? So we give an amount, and that will give us one of the three chosen players?
  6. Guess you actually have given up.
  7. Most signups only last for a month, 2 tops. So there's a possibility he already gave up. I entered 8 in may, only 1 is still running.
  8. Lol, I have never seen stats like that. 5 MoM in a row. :o Let's hope I get to show off in the Champions League like that as well.
  9. I don't mind staying at Hoffenheim. On the condition that they continue to compete in Europe so Chuck get's enough experience.
  10. In that case, this is going to take another while.
  11. Yes, it's the same in Italy when you win the serie C2. All the winners play eachother to determine the 'big' winner of the tier.
  12. Oh I hadn't even seen that link. Thanks for mentioning it.
  13. With homegrown I ment home trained. If an amateur club signs a 22 year old player and I sign him from them I have to pay. If an amateur club trains and develops a player from 16 to 24 and then I sign him, I don't have to pay. It's purely age based wich seems a bit dubious to me, why would the club in my first example deserve a compensation? Edit: Nevermind, I found the official article: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m2ABX/is_1-2/ai_n42367136/ The compensation is divided among all the clubs that have contributed to the players development. And appearantly my youngest signing from an amateur club was 27 last year. So after all it all makes sense.
  14. I think I found it. When the player is up to 23 years old, you're due a compensation. When he's older, you're not. It has nothing to do with homegrown though, wich makes it a bit weird... So if I filter out the 23 and younger ones out, I shouldn't have any problems.
  15. I don't know if that makes alot of sense... Also, last season I signed more than 20 players, alle of them coming from amateur clubs, I had to pay € 55 2 times, that was it.