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  1. Miðvágs Bóltfelag - Betri Deildin - 2023 We almost did the double. Big slip up at the very end which left us heartbroken, but, we cannot be too too disappointed as this was our first time in the top tier league after more than 20 years. League Table - absolutely confident that we can make a big difference next season as this was very close, inconsistent at the end but can't complain considering we just entered the league this season. Løgmanssteypið - our very first cup, phenomenal run. Squad - if the scouts didn't do their job and brought the Danish colony + the japanese midfielder, we would've probably battled for mid-table position. Transfers - it's a bit bugged since I do transfers so early, it shows them as if I've done them in the season before and not the upcoming one. Finances - high position in the league brought us 150k and saved our finances. Key Player Profiles: Nikolaj Rasmussen - the best player of the league by miles, managed to give him a nice contract with extension. Keisuke Shibuya - still sad he will most likely leave as he doesn't want a new part-time contract, he will be a massive hit once he leaves. Oliver Mengel - developing nicely and collected quite decent amount of MotM. Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 3. delid 1st Promoted via playoffs 2021 2. delid 1st Promoted as champions 2022 1. delid 1st Promoted as champions 2023 Betri Deildin 2nd Løgmanssteypið winners Next Season: Extremely excited for Europa Conference League as it will be a massive finance boost. Plan is to save up money and become a professional club. Curious to see what regens my scouts have found so they can replace our average Faroese players but I'll have to be careful with homegrown rules.
  2. Miðvágs Bóltfelag - 1. delid - 2022 Four Danish players single handedly made this possible. I do have to say that our players stepped up in this season and had much better average ratings. League Table - exciting season and thankfully, our scouts in Denmark brought us the mini colony which made such results possible (all scandinavian countries are treated as non-foreign which made this whole season so much easier). Løgmanssteypið - phenomenal run and unlucky penalty shoot outs against strongest team in the country (current reigning champions who won it thrice in a row). Squad - I can't wait to show you key player profiles, so much talent was found and ultimately, the stats prove everyone has had a good season. Transfers - for some reason, it doesn't show the players that I've released, I'm hoping that will change once I turn pro perhaps. Finances - if we manage to stay up next season, we will be able to clear our debt as 8th - 5th place gives 50k as a prize money, 1st one gives 150k which is absolutely amazing. Key Player Profiles: Nikolaj Rasmussen - for our standard and league standard, world class signing and he has more to grow. Jóhan Petersen - a healthy competition between him and Nikolaj, still had a decent season and was our main goalscorer. Oliver Mengel - another fellow Danish player who is starting to cement his place as our 1st choice goalkeeper Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 3. delid 1st Promoted via playoffs 2021 2. delid 1st Promoted as champions 2022 1. delid 1st Promoted as champions Next Season: I successfully got rid of unhappy players, restored squad harmony, the Danish colony integrated into the team flawlessly and brought us great success. I've already sent scouts to continue scouting Scandinavia to see if we can find some more of them. After severely overestimating the strength of other clubs for the past two seasons, I believe we can avoid relegation and become a mid-table club within a season or two if we bring right players. There is a big worry about bigger clubs in Faroe Islands snatching our Danish players which is why I'm hoping we can turn pro as soon as possible.
  3. Not gonna lie, this is very tempting as it would make the whole nation building much easier since HB has much better resources but, we're sticking with the goals we've set. The only way I would move to another club is if I make a current club a powerhouse (in other words, if the first five goals were completed).
  4. Miðvágs Bóltfelag - 2. delid - 2021 Unexpected, but really glad we managed to win it. League Table - On one hand, I'm thrilled that we won and got promoted, on the other, I'm worried if I'll be able to decent players for 2nd tier league which is also known as 1. delid (the top tier league is called Betri Deildin), Løgmanssteypið - No luck this time as we faced a 1. delid club. Squad - I should've put only our striker since he was the sole reason why we won this, majority of the squad was below average and it's a bit worrying. Transfers - snatched few additions to our squad but they were quite average. Finances - it'll only become worse, luckily enough, we only lose around 3-5k per season which should be sustainable for the next few years and once we enter European competitions, it'll be repaid. Key Player Profiles: Jóhan Petersen - signing of the season, absolute machine and the only reason why we managed to become champions. Heini Johansen - his second year with us, fairly decent winger who was the only player along with J.Petersen to have 7.00 rating or above. Henry Sigvardsen - our third top goalscorer who will probably leave as he's wanted and is currently unhappy. Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 3. delid 1st Promoted via playoffs 2021 2. delid 1st Promoted as champions Next Season: Majority of the players ended up unhappy as they demanded playing time. I'll probably have to release some of them and hope to rebuild. Ideally, I'd like to not get relegated because I think the player quality will be finally visible between 1.delid and 2/3 delid league.
  5. I can still only offer amateur contracts, but now I have to start paying my players through bonuses (appearance fee, unused substitute etc...).
  6. Miðvágs Bóltfelag - 3. delid - 2020 Unbeaten in league but, considering I was playing majority of the time against B and C teams from 1st and 2nd tier clubs, this is not surprising. League Table - the league consists of A, B and C groups. We were in the C group and managed to qualify for the playoff promotions! Playoffs - technically, no one can win the league, you can only win/become champion of your own group but then first and second placed are placed into playoff promotion group table. Løgmanssteypið - we've managed to shock and win in qualifying match against a 2. delid team, a club that is tier above us. Sadly, in the first round we were drawn against the top tier club. Squad - I want to believe that this squad can match the 2. delid clubs but there will be some transfers definitely. Transfers - we had only 3 players when I took over so there was a lot of transfer to be done. Finances - not too bad, the real challenge will begin once we will be able to offer semi professional contracts. Key Player Profiles: Jógvan Joensen - 41 year old veteran who was our key midfielder but also our 2nd top goalscorer. Jógvan Sigvardsen - best signing of the season, top goalscorer who was consistent throughout the whole season. Per Gregersen - second best signing, a decently fast winger for the league standard who brought us some important goals and assists. Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 3. delid 1st Promoted via playoffs Next Season: Hoping for a mid/top finish, I believe that the player difference between 3. and 2. delid is not much different. If we are lucky enough, we might just snatch a promotion.
  7. Hello everyone. I'll try to keep it short and simple as I feel like there's plenty of descriptive careers already. I've decided to manage Miðvágs Bóltfelag, a Faroese club who was once in the top tier competition back in the 1990's but these days, they're in the lowest tier of Faroese football that is also known as 3. deild. I'll be using dafuge's format of seasonal updates, I hope he doesn't mind! (I did ask him for permission a few years back when I was doing my FM16 save and he said it was absolutely fine. Problem is, I cannot find any DM's on SI forum these days, they might've been wiped as the forum looks updated). We've started with National C License and as a Sunday League Footballer. Couldn't find anywhere the kit of the club so it looks pretty default sadly. Good to see that we own the stadium! The squad. Did bunch of free transfers as we're an amateur club. I will be developing the tactic over time but we're starting with this. Finally, the goal(s): Get back into top tier competition of Faroese Football Become professional club Upgrade youth and training facilities over time Start producing decent regens New stadium Reach group stage of European competitions in 2030-2040 Start winning European competitions in 2040-2050 Resign and repeat the same with another club OR add a new manager and manage another club at the same time(very time consuming and unlikely) Have at least 3-5 Faroese clubs with top training and youth facilities so we can become a force on International scene Win European Championship and World Cup by 2100
  8. Worked flawlessly for me in Serie A. Got knocked out of Europa League vs Tottenham 1-1 on away goals, had 15+ goals on target and Tottenham had 2...
  9. I have to apologize to the creator due to my impatience of the tactic. Started a new save with Toulouse and used training from 1st page, with Frosinone I just sticked with default. Not sure if that made any difference but either way this should be labelled as "diablo" tactic just like in CM 03-04 days. Okay, your striker don't score 50+ goals like in CM 03-04, but for a team that was a relegation candidate, we achieved perfection in the league.
  10. Not a good start but we played better in fall and winter. EDIT: Never mind, took time for players perform but I'm 4th now, playing as Frosinone.
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