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  1. F.A.O Ter

    Take a bow good sir. This skin is the absolute best ever!!
  2. Arsenal or Man City?

    Arsenal are awesome on this game. Is always start games at Boro but decided to start at Arsenal for once. Stayed there for 4 years and got incredible amounts of money to spend. The only title that I could win was the UCL. Every year, I got beat by Real Madrid. Twice in semis and twice in the final. Ended up leaving and going to Boro as Southgate got sacked
  3. TV View

    Lol, I was reading the FAQ earlier. Must have missed it. Thanks CaptainPlanet.
  4. TV View

    Is this only happening to me? Everytime I go onto a match, it starts in tv view. It's only been since I installed 9.3.0 and it's seriously annoying the hell out of me. Not half as much as the fact that yet again after patching my previously good tactics are now completely useless yet again but that's a different thing.
  5. Jason Manford

    Beat me too it I love it when he mentions FM though. He mentioned it on 8 out of 10 cats not long back too.
  6. Jason Manford

    ....must be a sort of blessing for SI. On Jonathon Ross and 'plugged' FM again. Although, I would imagine most footy fans who use a PC already play the game like.
  7. your losing your customers

    I have to agree that the game is too hard but, not because of the tactics. I got took over by a tycoon and had pretty much unlimited funds. I had a team full of world class players yet, I was still finding games hard. Now, before someone says it's my tactics, it isn't. There is no option in the tactics screen for my players to continuously slow down when running for balls, or do stupid sideways runs. That's just two of many, many game spoiling bugs.
  8. 2000/2001 db project for FM 2009

    I am. I'm all ready to start, just need to see what ben says as as he has the ideas. Otherwise I'd be already started lol
  9. 2000/2001 db project for FM 2009

    the forum link http://www.fm0001.co.cc/
  10. 2000/2001 db project for FM 2009

    Yeah I get it. Will everyone also need excel then? If so, there is open office which can edit Office excel files. And it's free. Anyway I set up a little forum. Just finishing winning the F.A cup with the mighty boro and I'll sort that out then it's there for use if needed.
  11. 2000/2001 db project for FM 2009

    I have the editor although, I have been looking for a 3rd party one but if there isn't one I know how to use the official one. Anything really. Obviously I would love to do the english leagues, mostly prem but I'm sure everyone wants to do that. I have some experience in badge and facepack making. never kits though. I know how to use photoshop though so maybe I could try with kits. One question, what is the excel template draft thing? Also, I could set up a rudimentary forum online for the people who are working on it?
  12. 2000/2001 db project for FM 2009

    Ok mate, well I'm willing to help. Just need to find my 00/01 disc now. EDIT: Found the disc and just installing now ben147, have you started on it at all?
  13. 2000/2001 db project for FM 2009

    I started a 96/97 one a while back. Only did a few prem teams. The problem is with going that far back, a lot of younger players in the game currently are gone. Also, the a lot more of the stats were'nt in the game at that time so it's a bit more difficult copying out of the cm2 databases. I can help out, for this. I have the game lying around somewhere. One thing, would it be easier to do 01/02 as you can download CM 01/02 for free from eidos website. That way, who ever wants to help has database and editor at hand. Just a suggestion.
  14. FAO amster RE: Mini Scout

  15. FAO amster RE: Mini Scout

    Hi amster, I was just wondering if it would be possible to, or if you would even be interested in implementing this into Mini Scout. I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested in this as Mini Scout is always on top but.