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  1. This is dire and i don't think the Ox has the discipline to play there.
  2. McCarthy has a touch of the Gerrard about him, Wenger should put a cheeky bid in after the game.
  3. The general consensus amongst pundits seems to be that Spurs will miss out on the CL but I think we are far from secure. Yes we should beat Wigan but going to St James on the last day of the season will be difficult, all the more so if they are playing to stay up. I don't think it's too unlikely that we could miss out.
  4. I know exactly what is going to happen in this game, 2 pts dropped
  5. Cheers city! Hopefully United seal the league tomorrow and go easy on us next weekend. That win will give Spurs loads of momentum though and I think once the games in hand are complete it's us and them for 4th, Chelsea will get 3rd.
  6. Said it in the match thread but Ramsey was fantastic tonight - great energy
  7. Yeah as above Dan Smith, Sunderland, Stadium of Light. Diaby got up hopping on one leg trying to get to Smith, liked his pluck at the time!
  8. I've never understood why Wenger has ever factored Diaby into anything, he's never strung more than a couple of games together so as far as i'm concerned you have to discount players like that from your 'squad'. Feel sorry for him, could have been great if it wasn't for the injuries but hey, he's on footballers wages, how hard can life be.
  9. Yeah Ramsey did ok today. Jenkinson showed in the first half he can whip a dangerous ball in from out wide, Ramsey's only attempt went 20 ft over everyone and out the other side. Not his fault, he's used to playing in the middle. Bizarre decision As with all Wenger sides but particularly the trophyless ones we're often the best team in the games we lose but nothing to show for it due to ineptness in the final third, be it attack or defence.
  10. Not sure in the sense in taking Jenks off and pushing Rmsey back, AW seems to do this quite frequently, why not just take Ramsey off and leave a right back at right back? Frustrating today, we were the better team, two awful pieces of defending though. Really need investment in this team.
  11. Sky have Monreal, Villa, Cavani, Steklenburg on the 'in' section on SSN, nearly choked then realised that's speculative.
  12. Anyone get the feeling the club engages in smoke and mirrors tactics? Nearing end of transfer window, nothing apparently in the pipeline - website splashes pictures of Becks and note on freezing ticket prices #appeasement
  13. Both, fwiw I don't think we'll win it or finish top 4 but interested what is acceptable for those calling for Wenger's head. draw coming - cue us drawing United or City away
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