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  1. the exact steps I followed to play the demo were the following: - open avira antivir - go to extras - configuration (F8) - make sure you're on expert mode (top left should be a yellow "I", not a green "O") - under pc protection - expand real-time protection - scan - exceptions - in the right side under processes click on the button with the "..." symbol to add the path to fm.exe (in my case c:\program files (x86)\games\steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013 demo\fm.exe) - click add then apply hope this is what you were looking for
  2. - give the possibility to move all individual sliders at once for all players in the same direction (especially for individual mentalities) - rethink the friendly games system. This is especially important for reserve teams in leagues where they don't have any games. What I want is to tell my assman the dates at which I want to arrange friendlies and he should do the rest - when sending a player to the reserves to improve match fitness you should be able to specify priorities regarding their introduction in reserve games, e.g. player X has a priority of 1 (meaning he is to be introduced no matter what unless injured) etc. - completely rethink the whole reranking/Ai tactical learning system. It's ridiculous that every time at around 11 January and at the end of the season everyone has found the magic solution to counter you.
  3. sorry if any of these has been suggested before: Improved assistant manager: I'm someone who doesn't like to analyse many numbers, so an ass. man. who would make suggestions during the game would be nice. For example, if in the first half a central defender has lost 50% of the headers, the ass. man. should tell me that (and other rather obvious things I'm too lazy to check myself). This could be implemented alongside the quick tactics - whenever you press the quick tactics command, you also get the ass man's remarks. Improved opposition scouting: IMO the scouting of next oppositions should give you more information about their tactics and players (I'm thinking about something similar to the team report you get for your own team from the ass man) Changed player negotiation system: When trying to buy a player, you shouldn't just send faxes to other clubs and wait for them to react. Instead, setting up meetings and negotiation rounds would be nice. For example, you set up a meeting on day x and on that day you carry out the entire negotiation or decide with the counterparty to meet again at a later date if no common grounds are achieved. 2D games: - Set pieces have to be strongly improved. Free kicks, corners, throw ins are all terrible to watch at times (awful free kicks with short passes, defenders not returning in time to their positions, throw ins directly out of the pitch are just a few issues). - Players who are specifically man marking someone should man mark the position, not the exact player. Also, if the Ai changes the tactics (for example 2 SCs instead of one), the guy should automatically switch to zonal marking until further instructions. In the tactics screen: - I would like a check box that would allow to move all player sliders at once. For example, if my players all have different individual mentalities, moving one slider would trigger a move of the mentality sliders for every players in the same direction, so I don't have to do it for everyone separately. - when I'm setting corner instructions at the tactical drop down menu, I would like to see at the same screen attributes like jumping or heading for every player (same goes for setting RWB, passing etc. at the drop down menu) IMO the above features would be rather easy to implement. Some bigger issues would include: - provide better guidelines to researchers for rating players (basically stop all these overevaluations, esp. in the UK) - make scouting more realistic (for example stop recommeding all those crap players to teams like Chelsea) - get rid of the 20-notch sliders - finally explain what mentalities are in terms of the match engine
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