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  1. Here's a list of things I'd love to be in FM09: 1. Set Piece Designer - Be able to create different free-kick/corner tactics (as mentioned by spotg 2. Be able to Save player instructions (same as being able to save team instructions now) 3. The ability to say why you are resigning, which can affect how the fans view you when you leave a club. (mentioned by JBS) 4. Being able to criticise the board, threaten to resign when they do things like sell payers. (mentioned by JBS) 5. Mass praising, criticising of your team. (mentioned by JBS) 6. The inclusion of a Head Scout. 7. Different team comments in Team-Talks and to individual players. 8. The ability to recommend any club as a parent/feeder clubs (of course the board could still turn this down). there are a few more but I can't think atm so I'll let you know if i remember.
  2. I've been asking for this for ages now, would be one of the best new features since the 2D match engine! please SI
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